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These Men’s Hairstyles Were The Coolest In June 2017

Always stay a cut above the norm.

The freshest cuts are in. We’re not talking cold cuts but certainly cool cuts. Every month we scour the celebrity world for some folicular inspiration and best men’s haircuts so that your next barber appointment won’t leave you walking out like Leo DiCaprio post-bear attack scene. 

Leading the way is old mate David Beckham who is showing men how to pull off a pony tail in 2017, followed closely by Oliver Cheshire, Matt Bomer and Harry Styles all championing the longer mid-length styles for those who want a bit of that wind-swept look. 

There’s even something for the guys with thin or receding hair thanks to the strategic cuts of Christian Slater and Rami Malek. Those after the cleaner look will be spoilt for choice with Jensen Ackles, Jon Hamm, Zac Efron and Josh Duhamel all doing their best interpretation of the modern quiff. 

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For those looking for something a bit out there without looking like you’ve given up on life, give Jason Derulo’s conservative dreadlock hairstyle a try. It’s not low maintenance but it will set you apart in the best way possible.

Need more inspiration? Check out the best hairstyles of May or drop into our extensive hair grooming section for everything you need to know about hair. 


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