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Melbourne Boxing Gyms That Will Unleash Your Inner-Ali

The first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club. Lucky this is boxing.

Gyms love boxing. They love it because any semi-qualified PT can get up and tell people to run around, punch a few pads and call it ‘boxercise’. That’s not what boxing gyms are for though.

If you’re the kind of bastard who wants to learn not just how to box, but how to properly fight, it’s worth cutting through all the macho-posturing that comes with gym marketing and choosing one of these five, Melbourne-based boxing gyms.

Powerplay Gym


Powerplay Gym in Brunswick is a serious boxing gym for serious boxers. That’s not to say beginners aren’t welcome, of course, but this is a place to truly learn the arts of boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai from the ground up, with less attention placed on the whole “boxercise” thing. Founded by former Australian and South Pacific Cruiserweight Champ Joe Nader, training there is a personal, old-school experience.

66 Holmes St, Brunswick

The Fighter’s Factory

Fighter’s Factory in Blackburn is less of a conventional gym, and more of a casual drop in where you can pay on arrival and put yourself through your paces in whichever way you desire. If you want to drop in once a week and have a go on the bags, that’s cool, you’ll be left to your own devices doing so. If you ramp up your commitment to learning though, you may find one of the on-hand PT’s starting to offer advice and personalised training. Here, you truly get out what you put in.

3-5 Blackburn Road, Blackburn

Prestige Gym

A bit like Power Play, Prestige is a serious fighter’s gym located conveniently in the Melbourne CBD. Don’t go in expecting to learn boxing through group boxercise classes – instead here you’ll learn from sparring, intense fight training and eventually being put into interclub amateur matches. Prestige Gym has also trained some of Australia’s leading Kickboxers and Muay Thai fighters, and whatever your discipline, Prestige is one of the few places in Melbourne that will help you take things to the professional level, should you decide that’s what you want.

181 King St, Melbourne


Richmond Boxing Club

Also known as Leo Berry’s Boxing, Richmond Boxing Club gets its alias from legendary trainer Leo Berry, and is one of the most important community institutions within Richmond. Run largely on the back of donations and volunteer work, Richmond Boxing is about as close to a Rocky story as it’s possible to find in Australia, helping countless disadvantaged youths, school groups and community youth organisations alike. It’s still a serious boxing gym though, combining group circuit classes with specialised training for those wanting to get competitive with their fighting.

8 Gleadell St, Richmond

Fight Fit

Much more of a fitness based boxing centre, Fight Fit is perfect for anyone looking to develop their boxing skills in more of a low-pressure, group based setting. Of course, if you want to take your fighting a bit more seriously, you can do so with personal training, and all trainers have legit fight experience in a number of disciplines across both boxing and kickboxing. They also have two locations with one in South Melbourne and the other in Collingwood.

29 White St, South Melbourne

Boxing In Sydney?

Check out the best boxing gyms Sydney has to offer here.

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