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Step Inside Iceland’s Zany Buubble Hotel

Forget five star. This hotel guarantees five million stars.

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The world often condones living in a bubble but not the weirdos from Iceland. Nestled deep within a secret forest a few hours from Reykjavik is the quirky Buubble Hotel, a retreat which boasts no internet and just the bare essentials to ensure their small number of guests can recuperate without today’s digital noise. 

The hotel which is commonly known as the ‘5-million star hotel’ features five transparent bubble cabins which are all reinforced with metal frames in the case of heavy snow. Other than that it’s just you, a partner and Mother Nature along with the Northern Lights. 

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Creature comforts inside every bubble includes a lamp, plush bedding and a silent ventilation system which keeps the bubbles inflated and warm whilst preventing humidity during the heavy bouts of Icelandic cold. Even privacy isn’t really a concern here with every bubble home nestled amongst trees to offer the maximum personal space without impeding on nature’s way. 

Even the location of the bubbles are kept under wraps until a guest actually books in a room. For those after a family holiday the Buubble Hotel also offers larger “rooms” with double beds. The self-service kitchen and amenities are located on a separate standalone house. Room service? There is none so guests are advised to bring their own food supplies which also extends to toiletries.

It might not sound like a great deal but the forest views, Northern Lights and great memories should be enough to keep guests satisfied. Rooms from the Buubble Hotel start at US$295 a night.


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