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This Givenchy T-Shirt Costs How F*cking Much?

In the rare occurrence of me putting finger to keyboard it’s usually to rant. However I promise this time it’s worth it.

We’re fans of luxury. Sneakers, bags, leather jackets but where that stops is t-shirts. The t-shirt is just that. A common utilitarian fashion item that you wear, wash and toss out after a year.

Today we discovered Givenchy now sell a £480 ($750) t-shirt. Yes, a black cotton t-shirt with an American flag print for £480.


Given the current issues in the United States we assume proceeds are going to help the country get over the shock of having Donald Trump as its president.

Here’s some other things you can but for the same price of the t-shirt…

  • 300kg of whole fresh broccoli
  • 150 litres of coconut water
  • 50 pairs of Happy Socks
  • 4 pairs of Nudie Jeans

If you’re ballin’ enough you can grab yourself the t-shirt here.

  • Geniusknowsnobounds

    Let’s face it, from the income the big labels were making until the 80’s, compared to the income groups Luke LVMH, et al – it’s because of the bare-faced money grabbing they know they can get away with now. And the serious bottom line? If you’re stupid enough to pay almost $800 for a t-shirt that target and so many mass market competitors have been doing for years at around $15-30…well, you deserve to pay the extra $700 – as PT Barnum put it so well, “there’s a sucker born every minute”.


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