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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [13.06.17]

It’s time to visit some surprising facts between the sheets.

We didn’t plan it this way but the stars have seemingly aligned and today we have a Pointless & Awesome entry which focuses almost entirely on sex. One of those weeks we suppose. Hard hitting facts every man needs to know coming at you.

Men’s Masturbation Statics That May Surprise You

Spanking the monkey, batting the ball boy, caressing the corn dog. Whatever weird metaphor you have for it, new research from Lovehoney is uncovering even more startling facts around the often muted habits of male masturbation. Thinking of embarking on the solo tango, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  • 26% Over quarter men own over 10 sex toys – only 1% men don’t own sex toys
  • 84% men are willing to discuss sex toys with partner yet only 25% discuss it frequently
  • 48% of men bought sex toy between 18 and 24 then 24% between 25 and 30
  • 21% men use sex solo once a week
  • 50% men prefer masturbation with sex toys
  • 49% Nearly half men masturbate on average of 10 mins
  • Masturbating with sex toys doesn’t allow the session to last longer for men 38% vs 29% (sometimes 26%)
  • 53% men have sex at least once a week
  • Favourite sex toy for men male stroker and dildo (12%) then cock ring (12%) then butt plug 10%

Gifts You Should Never Give To Colleagues

Office convention dictates that special occasions often call for the benevolent act of gifting. That is unless your idea of an appropriate gift is a severed pigs head on a stick. Two organisational experts and GroupTogether co-founders have compiled a list of things that should never trade hands amongst the office as an act of kindness. And no, excuses such as “But it’s funny!”, “He knows we didn’t mean it, it’s a joke” and “But she’s religious, so it’s all Good” doesn’t cut it. Avoid these gifts at all costs.

The Awkward Gifter

Even if you believe your team is really tight, giving gifts such as lingerie, perfume and scented candles are too intimate a gift from the office.
Why? You run the risk of making the recipient feel uncomfortable  and casting yourself as the creepy co-workers. Likewise, gifts that imply that your colleague needs self-improvement are a big no-no. Just say no to gift certificates to hair salons, cosmetic retailers, body wash & lotions or personal hygiene gadgets (nose hair trimmers). Even if you discount the personal hygiene message you’re sending, there may be allergies that you are not aware of that would make the gift not advisable

The ‘WTF’ Gifter

While “experiential gifts” like a day spa retreat or a glamping weekend (glamorous camping) are a fun alternative gift, stay away giving the gift of a tanning salon or gym membership. You want to make them feel good, not insecure. Ditto for all gifts that seem too romantic, such as long stem roses or expensive jewellery. Anything with diamonds, pearls, gemstones, and thorns are best avoided. The exception being a watch which is less polarizing from a romantic perspective.

The Bad Novelty Gifter

Need we even mention that any religious or political items are not appropriate to be given in the office setting? If you know the person that well, perhaps a gift outside the office would be more appreciated and suitable. Stay away from cheap gag gifts or corporate give-aways such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, or other branded items from the office that you can buy (or steal) cheaply. It will only make your gift feel cheap. Better a lovely card with warm wishes than a gift like this. Finally, don’t go the other direction and give only utilitarian gifts, it takes the joy out of receiving a gift. No one wants to receive a dust-buster or a crock-pot or toaster (no matter how useful it really might be.


Most Common Mistakes Of Using A Condom

Men around the world, it’s time to stand up and pay attention. Condoms are life changing tools of the trade that need to be respected. Period. Regardless men are still making common mistakes when it comes to preventative measures and it’s not funny. Well actually, it is. Here are some of the most common mistakes men are still making today when it comes to using condoms, according to Refinery29. You’ve been warned.

Not checking the expiration date: Just like milk that can go off, condoms have an expiry date for a very good reason. They will break after their use-by date. So uh, unless you like bastard children then stop being a tightass and buy yourself a new pack.

Storing condoms in the wrong places: Sex educators have noted good and bad places to store condoms. Wallet? Bad. Pocket for long durations of time? Bad? Freezer or fridge? Bad. Basically anywhere with big temperature variations is no good. The most recommended spot is the bedside table.

Unrolling the condom incorrectly: The most common mistake here is not checking which way the condom is meant to roll out before wrapping it onto your junk. One way to tell the right from wrong? The right direction should resemble a cute little hat, the wrong direction will look like a puffed-out jellyfish.

You try to use a condom after unrolling it incorrectly: Don’t bother, just get a new and uncompromised one which hasn’t been stretched and prone to breaking.

You don’t leave enough room at the tip of the condom: Always leave space at the tip so it doesn’t break on contact. A simple pinch and roll is all that is required.

Double condom, double the protection: Wrong. You’re asking for more tension and potential breakage.

Opening a condom packet with your teeth: Use your hands so you don’t puncture it.


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