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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #131

For those who don’t know the difference between need and want.

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A fresh week brings with it some new ways to blow cash that was once reserved for the mundane adult duties. So forget about a decent roof over your head for a moment and peruse through this week’s objects of masculine affection.  In the interim, a mate’s couch will do just fine.


Aeroboat S6 Powered By Rolls-Royce

Luxury living, meet your water born cruiser made for turning heads. The Aeroboat S6 powered by Rolls-Royce is a testament to some of the finest luxury water crafts available on the market today. Floating at 20 metres in length the S6 boasts twin MTU V10 2000 M96 engines along with a waterjet propulsion system to achieve speeds of up to 45 knots. The design is where the magic happens though with a front cabin which can be converted into a master suite and complemented with a spacious bathroom and second cabin. There’s even a garage which holds enough space for two jet skis. The crowning feature is the Aerostairs on the rear deck which can sink or elevate to provide more space or access you your own mini oasis.




The human race may still be some way from a full-blown exoskeleton but for now there is MetaLimbs, a pair of robotic arms which attaches to a host’s back and is controlled using the legs and feet. It might look creepy but the theory behind it is rather simple: Dr. Octopus – without the killing and world domination. Feel like eating a sandwich whilst your hands are occupied with the keyboard? MetaLimbs can help. The hands can also be switched out with different mounting devices so you can take on dangerous tasks like cutting and soldering without risking your own limbs. The researchers from Tokyo University and Keio University even built in haptic feedback for MetaLimbs. Watch the video below to see how it works. 


Apple HomePod

Apple has finally entered the portable speaker game with the announcement of HomePod, a wireless home speaker which promises exceptional sound quality paired with cutting edge A.I, aka, old mate Siri. The device features spacial awareness which allows it to sense its location in a room before adjusting the audio accordingly. Paired with Apple Music’s expansive library, HomePod can learn your personal music tastes in order to help users discover new tunes. There’s also voice control via the “Hey Siri” command to tell the device which songs you like or to ask obscure questions like who’s the drummer in this song. Beyond that the HomePod is also a home assistant with full access to messaging, news updates, sports, weather and controls to your lighting. Simply ask Siri to turn off the lights or close the shades and it’ll be done. Yes, like a simpler version of Iron Man’s Jarvis. 

Watch the video below to find out how the device works. 

BUY $349


Sole Shoe Box

Bring your sneaker dreams to life with Sole Shoe Box’s replica shoe box chest based on everyone’s favourite sneaker brands. Besides being able to hold up to 16 pairs of shoes in style, the chests also wear the iconic markings from Air Jordan, adidas, Supreme, Gucci and more. There’s a smaller chest which can also hold 8 pairs of shoes. 

BUY $625 – $750

Biersafe Underground Beer Storage

When a nuclear war consumes this world, rest assured that your beer will survive intact thanks to Biersafe. This is not your average hidden alleyway bar. The Biersafe is a plastic tube designed to be buried discretely in the yard whilst keeping out any contaminants. The beer bunker can hold up to 16 bottles and relies on the naturally cool air underground to keep the beers at an optimal drinking temperature. When it comes time for a bevy simply open the lid and pull out the rack to score your favourite brew. The only hard part is needing to dig a hole deep enough for the device. A bit of natural landscaping on the lid will also ensure no one else knows about the stash but you. 

BUY $130

Training For The New Alpinism

This is the quintessential coffee table book for any man who’s ever pondered the idea of conquering Everest. Training for the New Alpinism will teach readers how to prepare their minds and bodies for the gruelling sport of alpine climbing. There’s detailed instructions on how to tailor training to your own needs whilst also looking at the crucial specifics of endurance, strength, training theory, methodology, planning, nutrition, altitude, mental fitness and everything else you’ll need to consider before booking a potentially one-way ticket. It could save your life.

BUY $35


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