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Shut Up & Take My Money – #133

For days when you can’t tell the difference between need and want.

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1 of 6|Tinger Track ATV
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3 of 6|Bell Bullitt Candy Retro Edition
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5 of 6|Samsung QLED 49-inch Curved Gaming Monitor
6 of 6|Deus Ex Machina D-Side Motorcycle

It’s time to satisfy man’s insatiable hunger for blatant consumption with this week’s coolest toys money can buy. Your poor excuse of a real estate portfolio can wait.

Tinger Track C500

Short of turning this into a personal war tank, the Tinger Track C500 ATV is actually good for weekend adventures off the beaten track. The five-seater features a waterproof body and tracks that are 20-inches wide to enable seamless traction through mud, snow, sand and shallow rivers (when fitted with a HDPE shell). The +700kg towing capacity is also pretty impressive along with the extra cargo space out back. Drivers can choose from up to seven colours and yes, it comes in black.



FRED Luxury Smart Mirror

With every device receiving its own brain these days it was only natural that the humble bathroom mirror would eventually evolve into a ‘smart mirror’. That’s the idea behind the luxuriously designed FRED mirror complete with its champagne gold, brushed aluminium frame and an intuitive built-in display which projects the latest news, weather information, schedule of the day, social media updates and more onto the glass. There’s even two slimline speakers built in so users can enjoy tunes or the news whilst controlling applications via voice command. The only thing the user needs to worry about is getting themselves sorted for the day without needing to look at a smartphone.

BUY $1,950

Bell Bullitt Candy Retro Edition

Bell Helmets have done it again, this time giving their popular retro silhouette an even more vintage aesthetic with a splash of candy paint stripes. The shell is of course still carbon fibre to ensure proven weight to strength ratio whilst a magnetically attachable accessory shield is included. 

BUY $599

Rost Coffee Roaster

This one is for the true coffee artisans who demand nothing but the finest flavour profile from their beans. The Rost Coffee Roaster does this in style by taking 100g of beans at a time whilst a host of automatic settings can roast individual coffee bean types to perfection. If you’re a hands-on kind of guy you’ll be glad to know that there’s also a manual mode which allows the machine to be controlled via smartphone. 

BUY $5,500


Samsung QLED Gaming Monitor

The days of shooting ducks on a CRT monitor are long gone. Samsung have heralded the future of gaming with their insane 49-inch QLED Curved Gaming Monitor. The proprietary Quantum Dot technology will ensure that gamers only receive the crispest graphics complete with full HDR support and a 144Hz refresh rate. It also comes with ambient lighting on the back side to create the ultimate office of leisure.


Deus Ex Machina D-Side Motorcycle

Ride along with your partner in crime with style thanks to Deus Ex Machina’s latest take on the sidecar motorcycle. To complete the build the custom motorcycle company teamed up with Yamaha to convert their XV960 into a cool retro beach cruiser complete with sidecar and a surfboard partition. The Deus touch is presented with a plush Alcantara saddle, period-correct colour scheme, aluminium tank and a leather wrapped luggage partition. 


  • Eric Diedrich

    Price is so high. I need to buy a low cost product. I can buy a new Coffee Roaster Machine from Kafgar.


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