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This Hotel In Milan Comes With 24K Gold Bedsheets

I’ve got 99 problems but 24K gold bed sheets aren’t one.


This story was originally published on Gizmodo

Stolen bed sheets are part and parcel of running a hotel business. Somehow I reckon Milan’s TownHouse Galleria would be extra put-out by people pilfering its linen, mainly because it isn’t linen, but gold. Woven 24-karat gold, to be precise.

The hotel’s page for its shiny sheets extols the benefits of gold — durability, scarcity and malleability — none of which have anything to do with getting a better night’s rest.

The page also comes packed with info on how the sheets came to be:

The 24 Carat Gold Sheets have been conceived by Alessandro Rosso Dubai, designed by Federico Buccellati and made by Piana Clerico 1582. Sheets are made of a fabric woven with 24 Carat Gold (40%) and the most precious silk yarns. The parure includes one bottom sheet, four pillowcases, and one duvet cover.

It you do want a set and don’t want to have to deal with the 24-hour security “outside the Suite [that] will ensure guest privacy”, you can grab your own for €200,000 ($293,878).

Uh, given the choice, I’m going to go with Scrooge McDuck’s tower of money instead, thanks. At least you can swim in that.

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By Logan Booker – Gizmodo 



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