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Step Inside These Cool Waterfront Homes Of Spain

Here’s the right way to say ‘living large’ in Espanol.

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There’s no better way to immerse one’s self into another’s culture than through living it. 

And right on cue, we’ve decided to take on this challenge the best way we know how. Welcome to the most spectacular waterfront homes Spain has to offer. From the Island of Ibiza to the sands of Majorca, Spain offers no shortage of humble abodes with a view any will weep for. 

One key thing most will notice about these waterfront homes is the apparent design language which can only be described as Mediterranean minimalism. Think immaculate white sandstone, floor to ceiling windows, minimal clutter and blue skies and you’re on track for a understanding the Espanol way. 

Failing that, we guess you can just jump into your own private infinity pool to drown away your sorrows. The Spanish struggle is real. 


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