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London’s 12×3 Boxing Gym Looks Cooler Than Your Apartment

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A new wave of fitness trend is taking over in 2017 and it involves some of the world’s most well-presented boxing gyms.

Just as Australia has F45 for short and high intensity workouts, the Poms are turning the traditional sport of boxing into a neatly packaged workout program for the time poor. The latest to join London’s slick BXR gym, which rivals just about any bachelor pad, is the 12×3 boxing gym.

The idea behind 12×3 is rather simple: a boutique training ground dedicated to providing a dozen three-minute-long rounds for participants in order to hone their stamina, speed and footwork. The classes are designed to be compact with both one-on-one and one-on-four training with professional boxing coaches.


More importantly though 12×3 exudes a masculine aesthetic that would put your apartment and cactus collection to shame. Think exposed concrete, white tiles and wooden flooring throughout to evoke that all important industrial chic appeal.

Not much of the fighter? Try the gym solely dedicated to nerds and geeks instead.

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