Aston Martin Valkyrie

Aston Martin's Upcoming Hypercar Just Got More Insane

Pushing hypercars into true F1 territory.

It’s customary for car models to go through refresh cycles once they’ve been floating around for a few years, but in the case of Aston Martin’s forthcoming hypercar the idea of evolution seems to have come before conception itself.

Today the British marque’s insane V12 powered Valkyrie hypercar received its first round of updates in the form of revised bodywork to enhance its aerodynamic efficiency. What does that mean? More grip through the bends, less drag and more speed. Lest we forget, the car wasn’t even slow to begin with.

A closer look and comparison between the initial Valkyrie design reveals extra vents on the front fenders as seen on the DB11 and the complete deletion of side mirrors. Based on the cockpit design it’s safe to assume that strategically placed cameras will beam live images onto the dual screens on either side of the door.

Elsewhere the Valkyrie will shed lap times with the help of aerodynamically-designed wheels and advanced headlights which the company claims is 30-40 percent lighter than any other headlight used in its current range.

If it all sounds rather radical, there’s a good reason for that. The car is being built in partnership with the Red Bull Racing Formula One Team which allows it access to some of the world’s most vital data on making things with four wheels defy physics. They also have consultation provided by world-famous aerodynamicist and the Red Bull team’s Chief Technical Officer, Adrian Newey.
Do you think the Aston Martin Valkyrie will become the pinnacle of hypercars or is it just a good excuse to blow money on R&D? Let us know in the comments below.

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