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10 Must-Follow Instagrams For Graphic Design Enthusiasts

From typography to 3D graphics, this list is guaranteed to brighten up your IG feed.

Instagram is like Playboy – sure, there’s some writing (some of it might even be good) but you’re really only there for one thing: the pictures.

Creatives flock to Instagram as platform for networking, finding new fans, and displaying their portfolios, and given its focus on visuals, it’s a natural home for the world’s graphic designers.

Accounts like Graphic Design Central, The Design Tip, Simply Cool Design, and Graphic Design Blog provide steady streams of inspiration for graphic design aficionados. But if you prefer to go straight to the source instead of through curators, here are 10 accounts we recommend following for your daily fix of graphic design goodness.

Luke Choice


“Tears of a Clown”

A post shared by Luke Choice (@velvetspectrum) on

Luke Choice, better know as Velvet Spectrum to his followers, is an Australian-bred and New York-based designer with a flair for 3D visuals. His colourful creations boast a quirky, playful aesthetic and have landed him deals with clients as big as Nike, Ray-Ban, Adidas, and HBO.


Steven Harrington

Cited as the leader of a contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop aesthetic, Los Angeles–based artist and designer Steven Harrington is best known for a bright style inspired by California’s vastly diverse landscape and thriving mix of cultures. His cartoonish-yet-contemplative doodles make for a feed that’s never boring.


Tad Carpenter


Details of the new board I designed for @zionsnowboards. A big thank you to my good pal @thecontrabrand for the fun gigs.

A post shared by Tad Carpenter (@tadcarpenter) on

Tad Carpenter is one half of Carpenter Collective, a design and branding studio that focuses on connecting with consumers using a mix of strategy and whimsy. In addition to his work with brands, Carpenter has written and illustrated nearly 20 children’s books and, since 2009, teaches graphic design at the University of Kansas.


Timothy Goodman


#tbt freestyle mural for a family’s kitchen in San Francisco. All the places they’ve lived in the world.

A post shared by Timothy Goodman (@timothygoodman) on

Timothy Goodman began his career as a book jacket designer for Simon & Schuster, went on to work in-house at Apple, and has a client roster that includes Airbnb, Google, Ford, J.Crew, Samsung, Target, The New Yorker, and The New York Times. He’s also the author of two books, 40 Days Of Dating and Sharpie Art Workshop.


Nicolai Sclater


Monday always takes the blame…

A post shared by Ornamental Conifer (@ornamentalconifer) on

Under the eccentric moniker Ornamental Conifer, Nicolai Sclater delights Instagram fans with an innovative take on the tradition of sign painting. His work focuses on humour, wordplay, mischief, and unusual motivational messages conveyed via hand-painted typography and patterns.


Rob Draper

Rob Draper’s exceptional eye for detail takes hand lettering to the next level. His work includes a mix of personal projects, large-scale works, retail and apparel, and brand collaborations, with past clients including Gap, Nike, and the Golden Globes. On Instagram, Draper is a constant source of surprise, delight, and unexpected canvases.


Pavlov Visuals

Calvin, Ryan, and Josh – two of whom are twin brothers – are the dynamic trio behind Pavlov Visuals. Together their design agency grew from a handful of small gigs to a full-blown career with headquarters in two countries and clients like Sony Music and Fast Company. Their sleek graphics are sophisticated and modern, and bound to brighten up your IG feed.


Rodrigo Corral

At last: an opportunity to judge books by their covers and be totally right in doing so. Rodrigo Corral has created some of the most iconic visuals in publishing, with an astounding list of partners that includes Junot Diaz, Jay Z, Deepak and Sanjiv Chopra, Chuck Palahniuk, Tory Burch, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and organisations such as the Criterion Collection, New York Magazine and The New York Times.


James White

As the founder of design studio Signalnoise, James White knows a thing or two about eye-catching graphic design. In fact, “eye-catching” barely does his creations justice. Heavily influenced by 80s nostalgia, White’s neon-infused art projects are a vibrant blast from the past that will make you want to break out the Bon Jovi and watch old episodes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Neil Stevens

It all began with a tweet. Neil Stevens boldly vowed to create ‘a poster a day’ for the 2011 Tour de France. As the tour progressed, the prints blew up on social media, and after a decade of working in design agencies, Stevens became a full-time freelancer. His illustrations have a vintage yet modern vibe, and have earned him commissions with the likes of British Airways, Bentley, and Wired magazine.



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