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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [03.07.17]

If you don’t know, now you know.

Procrastinate the right way with the week’s most amusing banter topics of intrigue that you never asked for. From why whisky is healthy for you to the odd locations which cause people to want sex, these are the most interesting facts for men.

Climate Change Could Be Why Your Coffee Tastes Shit

The bad batch is coming

Brace yourselves, caffeine junkies and coffee snobs. Your first choice of beverage could soon face a poorer taste and higher prices due to climate change. This finding comes from the scientists over at London’s Kew Gardens who’ve found that the amount of Ethiopian land once ripe for high-quality Arabica coffee bean production has shrunk.

“In Ethiopia and all over the world really, if we do nothing there will be less coffee, it will probably taste worse and will cost more,” said Dr Aaron Davis, a coffee researcher at Kew and one of the report’s authors.


Dr Tim Schilling, director of the World Coffee Research institute, echoed the same sentiments on the liquid gold. “The supply of high-quality coffee is severely threatened by climate change, diseases and pests, land pressure, and labour shortages – and demand for these coffees is rising every year,” he told the BBC.

“In some coffee areas, temperatures have already risen enough to begin having quality impacts. The logical result of that is that prices will need to rise, especially for the highest quality coffees, which are the most threatened.”

The report claims that a rise in 4 degrees celsius is enough to affect coffee production in Ethiopia by up to 60% by 2100 given the current greenhouse gas emissions remained unchanged. In other words, enjoy what decent and affordable coffee you have for now and start hoarding them beans.

[via BBC]

Reasons Why Drinking Whisky Is Good For You

Our kind of medicine

There is a God. Don’t get us wrong though. If you’re downing a bottle a night then it’s probably detrimental to your health…but on a more moderate consumption, science has the upper hand. Here’s five reasons why whisky is good for you, according to Forbes.

It Fights Cancer

It’s all about the anti-oxidants in whisky and there’s enough of it to rival even wine. Whisky contains more ellagic acid (the same antioxidant found in wine and fruit) as wine. This helps to absorb rogue cells in the human body which could potentially cause cancer.

It Lowers The Risk Of Dementia

Past studies from the National Institute of Health have found that adults who consumed one to six portions of alcohol a week were half as likely to suffer dementia as non-drinkers and heavy drinkers.

It Lowers The Risk Of Heart Disease

Similar to the above, studies from the European Journal of Clinical NutritionHarvard University, and the European Heart Journal have suggested that a moderate amount of alcohol – maximum seven small glasses of whisky a week – will curb the risk of heart disease and heart failure. In a test amongst wine, aged single malt, and “new spirit” (alcohol just out of the still), researchers found that single malt provided the largest concentrations of antioxidants.


It Has Zero Fat, Carbs & Almost No Sugar

Unlike beer which can bring upon the dad bod faster than Leo DiCaprio in a cake shop, whisky contains no fat, and almost zero carbohydrates and sugar. That means even diabetics can enjoy a neat one without needing to jab themselves. Oh and for the hipsters, whisky is also gluten-free thanks to its distillation process.

It’s Good For Colds

The Scots have known this all along but whisky can actually help with the common cold. Simply mix some whisky with hot water, lemon and honey and the concoction will do its magic. The science behind this comes from the alcohol dilates blood vessels which in turn makes it easier for mucus membranes to deal with the infection.

Places That Make People Want To Have Sex

Which have you ticked off?

The hard-hitting journos at Buzzfeed have queried their audience on the most surprising places that have gotten them into the mood and made them want to do the deed. Like, right there and then.

  1. Dentist’s office
  2. Mechanical repairs shop
  3. Laundry rooms
  4. Aquariums
  5. Cathedrals
  6. Car back seats
  7. Libraries
  8. Edge of cliffs or places of decent height
  9. Gyms
  10. Fitting rooms

There’s An Online Group For Men Who Abstain From Masturbation

No Fap Zone

Well this certainly isn’t your average AA meeting. The BBC has reported on a growing number of men who are joining an online community solely dedicated to abstaining from masturbation.

The sub-reddit group called r/NoFap boasts a solid (sorry) 230,000 member strong following with users claiming the onset of “superpowers” in return for letting the monkey be. Others on the page meanwhile have warned of the dangers of porn and sex addiction.

One user’s message reads: “If you just keep on adding up days without doing it, one more day on another, while holding back any such urges to porn or anything, you’ll abstain from it eventually.”

Alrighty then. The group also delves into the purported conundrum of “pornography, masturbating and orgasm” (often abbreviated to “PMO”) and why it must be abstained from at all costs. Avoiding PMO, according to members, promotes a rise in testosterone in the body.

Another subscriber posted his experience: “Just hit two weeks [abstaining] for the first time ever… In my opinion, we all have the capacity to be energized, focused, and productive. PMO, however, eliminates our desire to be this way, which is why it is so toxic to our wellbeing.”

It must be pointed out though that there’s little advice from qualified medical professionals on the forum.

So uh, go forth and find that monkey.



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