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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [10.07.17]

The world is your oyster so make it pointlessly awesome.

It’s time to put those fidget spinners away in place of something a little more age appropriate. Pointless & Awesome is where we bring you the news on all things interesting that you never bothered to sought an answer to.

Ever wonder why kissing is so awesome? There’s health reasons for that. And on the topic of health, scientists have also reportedly created healthy beer – and no, we don’t mean the low carb stuff.

Check yourself before you distract yourself. 


Scientists Are Creating Healthy Beer

There is a God. A Beer God, anyway. According to Men’s Health, scientists from Singapore are working on a new beer which is deemed healthy. Their definition of healthy? A probiotic beer infused with good bacteria which is gut-friendly. If probiotics sounds familiar, that’s because they’re commonly found in yogurt, kombucha and Yakult.

Even some fancy waters these days have probiotics infused into them. Added into beer though and things can get a little more complicated to spruik. The hop acid in beer tends to restrict the growth and survival of probiotic healthy bugs but after nine months of experimentation, scientists appear to have found a way through with “an ideal recipe that achieves the optimal count of live probiotics in the beer.”

The solution is lactic acid bacterium which functions as the probiotic and feeds off the sugars in unfermented beer to produce a sour-tasting lactic acid. The result is a sharper tasting beverage with more tart and a alcohol content of 3.5%. A patent has already been put on the interesting creation but there is no indication as to when it will actually hit the market. 

In theory drinking yourself to a healthy lifestyle sounds great, but scientists haven’t actually been able to conduct any tests to pinpoint the actual health benefits on humans (if it’s any consolation, mice displayed enhance gut and immune responses in mice).

In the meantime maybe stick to healthy whisky

World’s Fastest Rappers

Those who consider themselves fast-talking schmucks have another thing coming for them. Rappers. Not just any rappers – the world’s fastest rappers, according to Gazzette Review. Here’s how fast some of the best can spit bars.

6. Krayzie Bone – 169 words per minute
5. Twista – 280 words per minute
4. Tonedeff – 420 words per minute
3. Eminem – 390 words per minute
2. T-Nutty – 212 words per minute
1. Busta Rhymes – 143 words per minute


Health Benefits Of Kissing

Whoa there, face hugger. Everyone loves a decent pash every now and then and now there’s an even better reason to partake in a bout of tongue hockey – it’s damn healthy and good for you. Here are the health benefits the Telegraph has found in relation to the big pash. 

It will boost your mood: Kissing releases the happy brain chemical known as oxytocin, which the brain associates with trust and attachment. Tests showed that kissing for 15 minutes whilst listening to music caused a spike in the feel-good chemical.

Saliva swapping boosts immunity: You read right. Swapping saliva with a lover could prevent you from scoring a cold. A 2014 health study found that couples who kissed frequently shared saliva microbiota which causes the body to make antibodies for fighting foreign bacteria.  

Kissing will find “the one” better than any app: Put simple, a kiss can tell you more about a love interest than any app. Dr Helen Fischerhighlighted a study on which found that out of 58 men and 122 women, 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women had ended a romance after the first kiss. Dr. Helen says that it’s all about the senses: the sight, smell, taste and feel of the person. Through these little signals, one can decipher a partner’s health and habits. 

It relieves stress: Uh, self explanatory really. And here’s how to be a good kisser

Worst Workout Habits To Commit

You see it all the time. Bros hanging out after a hectic gym session waxing lyrical with a protein shake in hand and cigarette hanging out of their mouth. As bad as a post-workout smoko is, the Huffington Post have also listed three other workout habits which are doing little for your progress.

Skipping Stretches: It’s all about the lactic acid, people. Acid build up occurs in muscles during a workout and if it isn’t cleared it can result in aching muscles the next day. So always stretch as a good habit.

Not Having A Plan: Many of us who don’t follow a formal program are guilty of this one. The downside? Drastically staggered or slow progress. If you’re serious about your fitness goals you need to have a weekly plan which addresses every workout within that week. 

Rewarding Yourself After A Workout: A smoko after weights or a trip to KFC for a 3-piece feed is a big no-no when it comes to questionable workout habits. The reason is simply because it undoes all of the hard work and stops you from making any real progress. In other words, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.


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