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Penis Enlargement Surgery Just Caused Its First Death

The quest for endowment has ended abruptly for one Swedish man who just became the first person to die from penis enlargement surgery. Swedish doctors who warn against such surgery say that the 30-year-old patient wanted to increase both girth and length of his manhood by transferring fat from his belly to penis.


According to the Journal of Forensic Sciences, surgeons had finished the elongation phase of the surgery which involves injecting the patient with two fluid ounces of his own fat cells. It was at this stage that things started to go wrong with the fat leaking into his veins which then travelled to the man’s lungs. This ruptured his blood vessels and caused him to suffer a heart attack on the operating table even though he had no prior heart conditions. He died two hours later despite CPR attempts.

Urologist Tobias Kohler of the Mayo Clinic claims that the surgery is “completely useless” and warns against it due to the consequences regarding disfigurement and erectile dysfunction.

[via Men’s Health]

World’s First Sex Doll Brothel Is Looking For Investors

A new age in intercourse is upon us with the world’s first brothel staffed by robot sex workers seeking global investors. Lumidolls became one of the most controversial sex outlets in Barcelona when they opened in February near the city’s top tourist sports. Their goal? To allow men to live out their most sordid fantasies without the usual courtship required of real women.

Lumidolls is currently planning to expand their sex robot services into other countries and major cities with a Lumidolls spokesperson saying: “We are still negotiating with interested investors, but we have not yet closed any deals.”

As an example on what’s on offer at Lumidolls, sex doll Katy is like no other life-sized doll. She’s made of a special thermoplastic elastomer which is a polymer renowned for its softness. The agency’s website even states that guests will be hard pressed to tell the difference between the dolls and real women.

The service will start from £100 an hour and all dolls are “properly disinfected with special antibacterial soaps” before and after service. It is however still recommended that guests use a condom.


[The Sun]

How Dogs Came To Become Man’s Best Friend

According to the latest from U.S scientists, friendliness and human companionship is simply in a dog’s genes. Dogs evolved from wild wolves and it was during this time that they picked up their gregarious traits which in turn led to their craving for human company.

“Our finding of genetic variation in both dogs and wolves provides a possible insight into animal personality, and may even suggest similar genes may have roles in other domestic species (maybe cats even),” said Dr Bridgett von Holdt of Princeton University.

To come to this conclusion, researchers analysed the behaviour of domestic dogs as well as grey wolves living in captivity. Tests were carried out on the animals’ problem-solving skills as well as their sociability.

What the tests uncovered was that the wolves were as good as dogs when it came to problem solving but dogs were much friendlier. They tended to spend more time greeting strangers and gazing at them whilst wolves tended to be a more aloof.

Dogs as we know them today were domesticated from wolves between 20,000 and 40,000 years ago. The relationship started when wolves that were tolerant to human began sneaking into gatherer camps to feed on food scraps. Over time these wolves were tamed and slowly became man’s best friend.

[via BBC]


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