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Watch Keanu Reeves Demolish Targets In His Latest Gun Range Training

Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back.

The world was in awe when they witnessed Keanu Reeves decimating targets with extreme precision and prejudice in preparation for John Wick 2.

Well now you can relive some of that sweet Gun-Fu action with the latest Director’s Cut from Taran Tactical Innovations, the guys who helped train the 52-year-old actor into becoming the now-iconic character.

The latest video is three and a half minutes of pure firearm bliss and probably a nightmare for gun control advocates. Nonetheless there’s something oddly therapeutic about watching Reeves go through the deadly motions in his usual stoic charm. 

One could play Mozart in the background and they’d feel right at home. We suppose they don’t call him ‘The One’ for nothing.

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