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This Actor’s Bachelor Pad Is Going For An Obscene Amount

Complete with an infinity pool and a private theatre room.

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Some would argue that he’s the least interesting character from the iconic Friends sitcom and that may just be true.

And what else is true? You probably can’t afford the epic bachelor pad he’s just listed on the market. Matthew Perry’s modern bachelor pad sits atop the Hollywood Hills and features over 930 square metres of prime real estate.

Step inside the ranch home and you’ll be greeted with three bedrooms, five bedrooms, a gym room with dedicated bath, a master suite with a glass wall which opens to the pool and a cavernous closet. 


That’s all child’s play though in the world of celebrity digs. Perry’s signature appointment is a private theatre with panoramic windows looking directly into the swimming pool. Yes – exactly like a Bond villain. 

Perry purchased the mansion back in 2011 for a mere US$8.65 million with today’s listing rising to a whopping  the US$13.5 million.

Those with the beans to back it up can take a virtual tour on the realtor’s website now. 


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