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Mercedes-Benz Teases The Arrival Of The X-Class Ute

A new breed of SUV is coming.

A different breed of Mercedes is about to be unleashed on the world and this time it’s not just a concept. 

After doing the promotional rounds earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz have continued to tease the impending debut of their first ever luxury ute (pick-up truck for you Americans). 

The teaser video entitled ‘Mercedes-Benz X-Class: First of a New Kind’ showcases the car in a rugged urban environment as it weathers a storm and shows off its newly sculpted masculine lines.  

Gorden Wagener who is the Chief Design Officer of Daimler said that the pickup embodies the “sensual purity” design language of the Mercedes brand. This means its a mix of emotion, aesthetic appeal and intelligent solutions all rolled into one package. Oh and it will also be built on the Nissan Navara platform whilst the front fascia begins to mimic more of the current generation GLE SUV.

The good news is that the car which has polarised a many in the motoring world will go into production but beyond that there hasn’t been many details. Until now. 


It’s expected that the Silver Arrows will mate a V6 engine to the X-Class whilst power will be sent to all four wheels via the company’s 4MATIC drivetrain.


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  • Leighsydneychina

    Sure…. a merc ute. That’s what the working man needs. An expensive, fragile useless POS. And of course, DB will NOT back you with warranty. You will be left to fend for yourself as they gouge you for thousands on repairs that can be fixed for hundreds. What a load of crap this thing is. All hype, no function…..


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