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How Michelin Tyres Perfected The Art Of Driving Safety

The following article has been sponsored by Michelin

Let’s break down the rolling stats. Michelin has been in the tyre making game for over a hundred years so their road holding credentials are robust. But it takes more than just a solid reputation to stay in the business of saving lives on the road – it takes precision engineering in motion.

The message behind this concept isn’t rocket science, it’s simply a cardinal rule against compromising on a car’s most critical component.

The passion. The people. The product. These three pillars form Michelin’s driving force to stay at the top of their game even under today’s most extreme demands from the road and driver.

This is the untold story of Michelin’s artisan heritage forging a way for an innovative future filled with perfect driving moments.

A Passion For Speed 

Michelin test for all roads and conditions

Michelin is recognised as one of the world’s biggest tyre manufacturers today and it has earned this coveted title through an unwavering dedication to the craft.

To emphasise those roots, one simply needs to take note of the process behind Michelin’s tyre creation, which begins with the finest raw materials known to superior road handling – the rubber.

This fundamental component is hand selected by Michelin specialists with zero tolerance for cutting corners. The same can be said for the parallel profession of leather making at Chapal leather goods.

As an age-old practice in fine craftsmanship, quality leather goods from Chapal need to start with the very best leather available to the craftsman. This ensures that each finished piece will wear and form individual characteristics whilst lasting a lifetime for its owner.

As a result, every piece to come out of the Chapal house is painstakingly crafted for the wearer, just as every Michelin tyre is designed specifically for the driver.

Passion is more than a statement in these two worlds. It’s a way of life and creating a better future.

The People Who Make It Happen

Commitment to the very best in tyres

Michelin employs over 110,000 people globally, with heritage craftsmanship blending in with today’s most cutting edge technology.

Both IWC watchmakers and Mercedes-AMG engine builders have dedicated their lives to the creation of precision instruments designed to perform seamlessly with a distinct flair. The unmistakable noise of an AMG exhaust, the intricate beat of an IWC movement, all of this is derived from the skilled hands of the people.

The Michelin DNA is formed from these very people – from the wire weavers looking after performance tyres to the chemical engineers who are continually coming up with new compounds to push the boundaries.

The Best Product On The Road

Nothing but the best for the best… from McLaren to your Mini

The final product isn’t born from a science lab. It’s conceived from understanding the driver and delivering a message which sets the industry standard.

Whether it’s a distinguished music composer like Thomas Rousell of Prequell or a head chef from the Michelin starred-restaurant Ecco in Zürich, there’s only one way to create the ultimate product which moves the user – combining empathy, technical skills, rigour, precision and sheer commitment to quality.

Michelin has formed a framework around these very values from the painstaking design of a tyre pattern right through to the final quality control phase.

All of this culminates in an enhanced driving experience which reflects on Michelin’s artisan approach to making every gesture count.

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