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Step Inside The Minimalist Home That’s Impossible To Keep Clean

Burn your dirty shoes and sterilise your clothes before entering.

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We’re not overly enthusiastic about stark minimalism here at D’Marge but when one pops up as an OCD fiend’s worst cleaning nightmare, we simply can’t help ourselves.

Step inside PS3H House, the latest Swedish home to showcase true minimalism in a single storey space which also features a Mercedes-Benz SLS as its centrepiece – also in white of course.

The home was designed by Sirotov Architects and features an open living area which makes full use of the floor-to-ceiling glass walls letting in an abundance of natural light – if you’re albino or ginger you’ll probably die a stylish death.


Beyond that there’s a master suite and three guest bedrooms all decked out in the soft hues of white, grey, pastel and natural wood tones. There’s no doubting that this is a one of a kind living space but keeping it immaculate might just drive you over the edge. But at least you’ll have a nice car to take with you.

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