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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #138

The difference between need and want is how much money you can borrow from friends.

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1 of 6|Lazareth Amphibious Mini Moke
2 of 6|Elite X1 Everest Pool Table
3 of 6|Weped Pro R Electric Racing Scooter
4 of 6|Bossa Sound Moonraker Speaker
5 of 6|Comme Des Garçons Concrete
6 of 6|Toto Grilloven

Take a back seat and get ready to burn some serious cash. Shut Up & Take My Money is back to send you broke in style. 

Lazareth Amphibious Mini Moke

Forget about the golf cart which can barely crack 50km/h before burning out once it hits a puddle. The Lazareth Amphibious Mini Moke is exactly as the name suggests, a 4WD mini car which can also swim. Developed by French company Lazareth, this modified Mini Moke boasting a propeller can hit up to 7 knots on water and 90km/h on dry land. The perfect getaway vehicle for you and a partner in crime.



Elite X1 Everest Pool Table

Not all pool tables are created equal. The latest Elite X1 unit comes with a striking glasstop base which proudly shows off the structural architecture of the table. We hear your cries of ‘But won’t it crack?’ In theory, no. The table top is made from Vitrik which is a mesh material that replicates the rolling resistance of felt. Shock absorption meanwhile is handled by the glass layer below. Modern touches include built-in LED lighting to ensure players can poke away long into the night. They are limited production pieces so do move quick if you’ve got some cash to drop on the man cave.


Weped Pro R Electric Racing Scooter

If Batman owned a scooter, this is what he’d ride. The Weped Pro R Racing Scooter is a badass two wheeler which is powered by an electric motor and more tech than you can poke a stick at. It has an F1-inspired brake energy recovery system, a locking mechanism with password and key, full connectivity to smartphones and of course, a top speed of 73km/h. It also does 0 – 40km/h in 3 seconds and can run for 130km between 6 hour charges. 

BUY $5,850

Bossa Sound Moonraker Speaker

Add a bit of space-age aesthetic to your man cave with these cool Bossa Moonraker speakers. The units are mounted atop three natural wooden legs which come in the option of ash, walnut of teak. The units are controlled by remote and come with their own cables to power and hookup to a source. Your ears will be as happy your eyes. 

BUY $2,399


Comme Des Garçons Concrete

A new fragrance from the eclectic Japanese label has arrived and we’ll be honest, we’d buy it just for the bottle alone. Concrete is the name of the latest fragrance and it features scents of Sandalwood blended with Comme Des Garçons’ signature spice. The bottle itself is real concrete, having been hand created over a glass layer to ensure no one bottle is the same. Concrete never looked (and smelt) so good. 

BUY $190

Toto Grilloven

Make wood fired pizza and grill your own dishes at home. It really can’t be any simpler with Alfa 1977’s latest outdoor Toto Grilloven. The right side features a 23″ by 23″ cook top which comes with grilles, grates and an open section on the cook deck for those who prefer the wok. The grill burner itself is compatible with both wood and charcoal so that users are free to flavour their food to their taste’s desire. Did we also mention it looks damn schmick – enough to fool guests into thinking you know what you’re doing behind the stove. 



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