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Stunning Celebrities Who Are Worthy Of Wife Status

No, you can’t catch them all.

Finding a woman worthy of the coveted ‘wife material’ status is no easy task in the today’s world of instant gratification.

With the distraction of online dating, endless mind games and the usual expectations that come with forging a long and lasting relationship that doesn’t end in “Eddie…HALF!”, finding the right woman to grow old with is harder than ever.

Impossible however, it is not. Whether it’s brains, beauty, talent, charisma or the ability to whoop your ass in more ways than one, these are the stunning celebrities who we think are worthy of the elusive wife status.

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario has been around the acting scene since the age of sixteen but it wasn’t until her recent role as a quick-witted Baywatch babe opposite Zac Efron that she really made her mark complete with piercing blue eyes which could melt you.

Wife-able? Absolutely. Although you’ll need to get the permission of this down-to-Earth actress’s father who also happens to be the former head of the NYPD counter-terrorism unit. So yes, she’s probably packing heat.

Amanda Cerny

As with most modern day celebrities, Cerny earned her celebrity stripes via viral social media videos and Vines. Her comedic timing is impeccable, often elaborating on the absurdities of modern day relationships, friendships and fads along with all of its (exaggerated) pitfalls. If running her own talent company and having 17.1M fans on Instagram isn’t enough to convince you of wife status, she’s also got sweet abs.


The underground hip-hop and RnB singer rose to fame when she released two mixtapes which she created in her home studio. Those efforts along with her smooth vocals were enough to earn her accolades from all corners before moving on to winning Best New Artist at the BET Awards. Since then she’s collaborated with Tom Hanks, Calvin Harris and solidified herself as a respectable pop star with more rhythm than Rolph Harris with a piece of cardboard.

Rita Ora

British singer and actress Rita Ora has a much talent as she does charisma. Having honed her craft in her father’s pub during open mic sessions, Ora quickly found her place in the industry with musical collaborations that would eventually top the charts. Since then she’s gone it alone, releasing standalone albums, having roles in Fast & Furious and Fifty Shades of Grey. And she has cool tatts.

Anna Kendrick

Self-proclaimed walking accident Anna Kendrick is funny at the worst of times. At the best of times she’s pure wife material – easy going, self-deprecating and definitely a chick any guy would chill with. And she can sing a serious ballad if need be.

Elodie Yung

She might not be known to most but Elodie Yung could kick your ass in ten different ways. That’s because she holds over a decade’s worth of Karate training under her belt which has earned her the role of Marvel’s Elektra in the upcoming Defenders series. Prior to that the 36-year-old actress starred opposite Bruce Willis and The Rock in G.I JOE as a ninja. Intimidating and stunningly beautiful. Perfect wife material. Just don’t piss her off because she’s pretty handy at cutting things with sais.

Lana Kington

Australian comedian Lana Kington first graced our television screens opposite James Kerley as the co-host of Maxim TV. When the show ended she went on to perform online skits with her squad of equally funny ladies, earning worldwide attention for a lip-synching video which went viral. She continues to write her own material whilst starring in um, educational videos.

Alison Brie

If you’re noticing a theme here, yes a funny woman is the way to a man’s heart. American actress Alison Brie rose to fame as Annie Edison in the comedy series Community alongside Joel McHale and Donald Glover. Within the show there’s often reference to Annie’s assets, but they try not to sexualise her too much. They failed. Wife status achieved. Damn you, Dave Franco. 

Ruby Rose

She may be a hot item with Veronicas twin Jess Origliasso but that certainly doesn’t exclude a great woman with a massive gun and sweet tattoos from attaining peak wife status. Rose started as an MTV VJ and has since ascended the halls of Hollywood as a bonafide actress with a killer attitude. No really, she kills people in John Wick 2 and fights Keanu Reeves. If she can mix it with the boys and come out on top, she’s wife material.

Paige Renee Spiranac

She’s changing the perception of modern day golfing with one Instagram post at a time whilst breaking the internet with her body-hugging attire which has drawn controversy from traditionalists. What makes Paige Renee Spiranac real wife material though is her skill with a golf club. The American possesses a mean swing and often showcases her golfing prowess to back up the attention. If you do marry her, you’ll need to accept the fact that she can hit a ball better than you.



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