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These Are The 25 Best Travel Experiences Money Can Buy

They may cost an arm, a leg, and your first-born child, but the splurge is totally worth it.

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1 of 25|24hrs w/ Amankora Gangtey|Amankora - LINK
2 of 25|Adventure in the Kimberley|True North Adventure Cruises - LINK
3 of 25|The Beaumont Sundae Experience|The Beaumont - LINK
4 of 25|Behind the scenes - Changing of the Guard|NoteWorthy - LINK
5 of 25|Capture Vacation Memories Worldwide|Flytographer - LINK
6 of 25|Dolomites Luxury Hiking Safari|Dolomite Mountains - LINK
7 of 25|Experience Broadway from the Show Stage|The Chatwal Hotel - LINK
8 of 25|Fairy Tale Castle Experience|Ashford Castle - LINK
9 of 25|French Imperial Luxury|Les Prés d’Eugénie - LINK
10 of 25|Great Wall Private Banquet|Imperial Tours - LINK
11 of 25|G-RO Smart Carry-On Luggage|G-RO - LINK
12 of 25|Luxurious & Hydrating Mountain Chapstick|Waldorf Astoria Park City - LINK
13 of 25|Magnificent Hotel Mini-Bar|The Greenwich Hotel - LINK
14 of 25|Minaret Station Helicopter Experience|Minaret Station - LINK
15 of 25|Mongolia’s Golden Eagle Festival|Nomadic Expeditions - LINK
16 of 25|Night Symphonies of the Rainforest|Metropolitan Touring - LINK
17 of 25|Platte Canyon Overnight Yurt Experience|Brush Creek Ranch Luxury Collection - LINK
18 of 25|Pop-Up Volcano Adventure|Four Seasons Hualalai - LINK
19 of 25|Progressive Parisian Culinary Journey|Le Bristol Paris - LINK
20 of 25|Otherworldly Beauty of Lake Titicaca|Peru Empire Co. - LINK
21 of 25|Sea of Love Table|Palazzo Avino - LINK
22 of 25|Singita Wildlife Protector Experience|Singita - LINK
23 of 25|Southwestern Colorado Dunton Experiences|Dunton Life - LINK
24 of 25|The Ultimate Travelling Camp|The Ultimate Travelling Camp - LINK
25 of 25|Ultimate Sydney Experience|Local Eyes Sydney - LINK

Imagine soaring over the Great Wall in a helicopter, then landing at an isolated section for a gourmet banquet in a tower. Imagine soaking in a hot stone bath and communing with saffron-robed novice monks in Bhutan. Imagine joining Tanzania’s elite anti-poaching force as they protect wildlife during the Great Migration.

These are just a few of the extraordinary adventures highlighted in the inaugural Chad Clark Certified 25, a new initiative to annually list the world’s 25 best travel experiences.

Luxury travel advisor Chad Clark was one of the first high-end agents to embrace the experiential travel trend. In 2014, Clark began “certifying” unique experiences he considered musts for deep-pocketed travellers, curating a list of hotels, restaurants, tours, and hands-on encounters that go well beyond a free buffet breakfast or group snorkeling excursion.

Now he’s kicking things up a notch with the Chad Clark Certified 25. The initiative claims to be the first of its kind in the travel industry, and its debut class of winners was recently announced at the Virtuoso Travel Symposium in Las Vegas. Clark asked colleagues, luxury travel industry suppliers, and other experts to nominate their favourite experiences, then spent a year selecting 25 winners “chosen on their own merits of how cool the experience actually is.”

Some of this year’s winners include:

  • A luxury hiking safari in the Dolomite Mountains
  • A private candlelit dinner at Palazzo Avino on the Amalfi Coast
  • A ‘do-it-yourself’ ice cream sundae with 300 potential permutations in London
  • A progressive Parisian culinary journey at Le Bristol Paris
  • An adventure cruise in Western Australia’s Kimberley region

Check out all recipients of the 2017 Chad Clark Certified 25 in the gallery above, and if you think one might be in your future, here’s the contact info to get started.



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