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You’ll Soon Be Able To Fight Like Floyd Mayweather Thanks To His Latest Venture

Get fighting fit with one of the world’s fittest fighters.

Floyd Mayweather

Box away the dad bod

The big fight has come and gone, but you haven’t seen the last of the Money man. Floyd Mayweather has announced plans to launch a new global business venture and give fans the chance to train like their idol: Mayweather Boxing & Fitness.

The ultra-fit boxing champ’s latest career move will see him reveal the secrets of his physique with a training app, a flagship gym, and a virtual reality in-home workout set. The app will debut first, featuring Mayweather as your personal digital trainer walking users through his own workouts. Look for that to drop next month, followed by the grand opening of his first gym in Southern California in November.

The Mayweather gyms will focus on boxing workouts (of course) with a group fitness bent. The grand plan includes opening 200 gyms within 24 months and a whopping 500 in five years. Mayweather has opted for a franchisee and affiliate return model that will enable the company to open gyms in neighbourhoods all over the world – including traditionally underserved communities.

According to Forbes, “Affiliates will be non-Mayweather branded gyms or studios that offer select programming at more affordable pricing. A Mayweather gym in an affluent area might cost as much as $140 per month but could go as low as $40/month in areas with lower incomes.”

“My whole life has been about boxing and about fitness, and now I’m taking everything I developed and bringing it into the fitness market,” explained Mayweather. “Our fitness experience will have programs for kids, parents and aspiring athletes – anyone who’s looking to put energy into something positive. The training programs will be the best in the industry, all based on my own workout routines; and they’ll be accessible to all, including communities that don’t currently have these kinds of facilities available.”

“Floyd wants a successful global business, but he doesn’t want to be exclusive,” James Williams, CEO of Mayweather Boxing and Fitness, told CNN. “He wants to enable others to train like he has for the past 20 years.”

Mayweather Boxing & Fitness is scheduled to unveil its final component – the in-home Virtual Reality experience – in January 2018. While you wait, check out these hard-hitting boxing gyms in Melbourne, Sydney, and London.




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