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John Boyega’s Suit Colour Requires Jedi Bravery To Pull Off

It’s due time we talked about John Boyega’s style. More specifically, his suiting style.

He has a reason to smile

The breakout Star Wars actor and upcoming Jaeger pilot in Pacific Rim 2 has been making waves on the red carpet for his interesting and often louder choice in suit colours. Our verdict? It’s a winner and on a more collective front he’s paving the way for men to embrace the less conservative when it comes to tailoring.

Let us proceed with the dissection.

Staring with the shoes, Boyega opts for a sharp pair of red-brown Oxfords complete with contrasting polished toe cap. This colour effortlessly lends itself to the suit whilst grabbing just enough attention with the high polish minus the gaudy real estate agent look.

All about that marsala

Moving onto the suit, we have a tone of brown which is actually more marsala (you can find out about this trending colour here). It’s a brave move not so much because of the fit but because of its difficulty in matching with other items.

As always though, the white dress shirt saves the day and makes for a great colour for what is essentially a caramelised onion hue. Also pay attention to Boyega’s accessories like a pocket square in the same colour but in a sheen finish to add a bit of pop. The tie is textbook move which matches the suit colour but adds detail with a fine grid pattern.

A classic combo in a rare colour

Finally we have to talk about those sunglasses. Boyega chooses the perfect sunglasses to match his face shape and this alone helps to complete the suiting look. There’s no attention grabbing tones on these sunglasses, just a simple black number which lets the vintage design do most of the heavy lifting.

And if you’re still sceptical about his penchant for dressing outside of the box, simply take a look at his Instagram.

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No issues with green here.

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And the same goes for tribal print.

The moral of the story? Take a page out of Boyega’s rulebook and break the rules. Here’s where to shop for an affordable burgundy suit.


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