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The Melbourne Rooftop Bars Essential For Your Summer

When the sun goes down the party is just starting.

Like most things, Melbourne’s nightlife is best enjoyed at altitude.

While not a city with a massive, sweeping skyline, it’s collection of quaint bars, trendy pubs and incredible restaurants have given rise to a wave of nation-leading rooftop bars that now dot the city.

No city in Australia says cosmopolitan quite like Melbourne, and nothing says cosmopolitan quite like a good rooftop bar.


Train carriages form the centrepiece of Easey’s high-end fast food masterpiece

Easey’s had the grand idea one day to get an old Melbourne train and put it on top of an office block in the middle of Collingwood, which seems anything but Easey in our humble opinion.

Now, those train carriages form the centrepiece of Easey’s high-end fast food masterpiece, with a burger menu curated by Jimmy of Jimmy’s Burgers fame. A whole foods café brings #balance to proceedings on the ground floor too.

3/48 Easey St, Collingwood

Good Heavens

Bringing a classic combination of cocktails and good old-fashioned southern American cuisine

A creation of the folks behind North Melbourne staple Fancy Frank’s, Good Heavens brings a classic combination of cocktails and good old-fashioned southern American cuisine to a setting more geared towards the classic Melbourne city-slicker.

It’s not exactly ground-breaking with its take on inner-city tropical décor, but the food is good and the cocktails are boozy enough for you to lose yourself in the heavens pretty easily.

79 Bourke St, Melbourne

Marquis Of Lorne

Simply a really good pub with a cool rooftop

Less of a rooftop than it is simply a really good pub that happens to have an open-air rooftop, the Marquis has a more seasoned history than most Melbourne pubs and has been a Fitzroy favourite for years, both before and after it closed and subsequently re-opened.

The rooftop has everything you could ever want on a summer’s day boozing with the lads, with a bathtub famously full of international tinnies and century-old architecture fitted out with breezy 70s décor.

411 George St, Fitzroy

Loop Roof

Dense foliage, botanical-inspired cocktails, and garden furniture

The idea of “Project Spaces” combining with bars is a New York staple that’s slowly working its way into Australia’s bigger cities, but Loop Roof’s rooftop bar adds a little more extravagance to the idea.

Loop roof combines dense foliage, botanical-inspired cocktails, and garden furniture with the modern fit out of Loop Project below, making for a surprisingly relaxing place in the middle of the city to smash back a few bevvies on a sunny day.

 23 Meyers Pl, Melbourne 

Fonda Mexican

A brand-new rooftop location in Windsor.

A classic example of capitalisation on an already fantastic idea, the folks at Fonda Mexican decided to take the success of their Richmond Mexican eatery and further it with a brand-new rooftop location in Windsor.

Its menu features all the things that made Fonda so successful, with fusion burritos, iced Horchata and $10 Paloma cocktails, only this time you can enjoy it all as they would in Mexico: preferably wearing a sombrero to escape the merciless Melbourne summer sun.

31 Flinders Ln, Melbourne 


A celebration of everything old-world

Set inside the heritage listed Rivoli’s cinema, Nineteenforty is a celebration of everything old-world, art-deco and timeless.

They’ve decided to go for a garden-inspired fit out that plays host to menu of old-world cocktails and bar snacks. Plus, you can add a movie to your evening’s itinerary should the mood strike.

200 Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn East 

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