PlansMatter: The Airbnb For Design Geeks & Architecture Nerds

"It’s not just taking a tour; instead of viewing art, it’s living with it.”


If nothing makes your skin crawl like a cookie-cutter condo or a mass-produced McMansion, a new website is set to become your go-to for holiday rentals. Like Airbnb, PlansMatter offers a selection of homes available to rent. But unlike its famous predecessor, PlansMatter homes must pass one all-important test: they have to be extraordinary.

Founded by a pair of architects, PlansMatter is a place for design enthusiasts and architecture lovers to find their next vacation destination. The duo explains their mission on the website:

“When we plan our travel, we search for places to stay that are well designed and authentic. Places that will elevate our experience beyond keeping us warm and dry. Places that have architectural intention and a story to tell. Our goal is to make these places easily available for people to experience on their own.”

The site features “architecturally significant” modern properties across the US, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Austria, Denmark, Japan, and Germany. Each listing contains the expected info – like price, amenities, and number of bedrooms – along with features unique to PlansMatter. The profiles also provide floor plans, list any awards the home’s design has received, and include notes from the owners or architects about why and how the home was constructed.

Should you wish to dive even deeper into your architecture enthusiasm, the site also boasts pages of architect bios with links to their properites available for rent.

“Your experience of the architect completely changes if you’re allowed to stay in the architecture overnight,” says co-founder Scott Muellner. “It’s great to go to a museum or a public building designed by an architect you admire, but it’s a whole different experience to stay a week in that architect’s space. It’s not just taking a tour; instead of viewing art, it’s living with it.”

Sound like your (expertly designed) cup of tea? Check out some of the properties above and book your favourite on PlansMatter.

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