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Shut Up & Take My Money – #140

For those who want, not need.

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1 of 6|Airbnb Solar Eclipse Stay
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It’s time to spoil yourself complements of Shut Up & Take My Money, the weekly wrap of the world’s sweetest inanimate objects money can buy. 

Airbnb Solar Eclipse Stay

Your good friends over at Airbnb continue to push the boundaries of holiday accommodation and marketing with their latest stunt which involves a night in a geodesic dome to witness America’s first total solar eclipse in almost a century. Winners of the stay will be accompanied by an astrophysicist and sky photographer to help capture and explain the event but it won’t be happening in the dome located in rural Oregon. Winners will instead be flown through the skies during the Moon’s passing between the Sun and the Earth to make for one hell of a memorable celestial event. 



1966 Amphicar 770

Fans of the spy spoof Get Smart can now live out their dreams with the Amphicar 770. As the name suggests this is a fully restored version of the original 1966 vehicle. Pulling a lever will convert the car from a land mode to watercraft mode with the engine powering both the wheels and twin propellers out back. It’s no doubt one of the coolest ways to enter a wedding. 

BUY $75,000

Heston Blumenthal HUB BBQ Grill

Not all BBQ grills are created equal. Especially if they wear the name of one of the world’s best Michelin-starred chefs. Master of gastronomy Heston Blumenthal teamed up with Australian manufacturer Shriro to create a line of beautifully crafted grills but their creme de la creme is the HUB BBQ Grill which spruiks the “ultimate charcoal experience”. There’s no need for ignition fuels or a lighter in the HUB as it utilises a Fast Flame Ignition System which can set charcoal to the right temperature in a matter of minutes. HUB also comes with a retractable rotisserie which can handle whole chickens or suckling pigs. Did we also mention it’s one sexy grill? 


Utopia Concrete Speakers

Budapest isn’t exactly a place where you’d find a cool set of handmade speakers and yet, here we are. The brand based out of Hungary is custom building Bluetooth speakers with high-end components and concrete to make for one brutalist home entertainment device. It might not be as light as the other speakers on the market but the highly unique look and the option to turn one into a weapon is certainly there shall home invaders be an issue.

BUY $299

FPM’s Workstation & Bed Station

Living out of your suitcase has a new meaning thanks to the latest collaboration between Italian luggage maker FPM and designer Marc Sadler. Their Bank Collection features recycled aluminium construction on the outside and a fold-out workstation on the inside (incase you want to take the office with you on holidays). There’s even a Bedstation which opens up to a full-lengthed bed complete with a pillow and sleeping bag cover which wraps neatly around the wooden slats. When you’ve had enough work and slumber, simply fold everything away and pack the suitcases back into the car. 

BUY €4,900-€6,900

Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin

Cheap Aldi gin. There, we said it. But before you start waving those pitchforks, know that this cheap gin from your local supermarket just took out the gold medal from the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC). That’s right, a $15 bottle of gin known as Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin beat out a host of other makers which costs many times more. The only issue? It’s only available in the UK Aldi stores so if you have any mates in the UK…it’s time to see their worth. 

BUY $15


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