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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #142

If you don’t invest in yourself, no one else will.

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Tighten those belts and save those hard earned dollars for something special. No, not a home for your future offspring. Think $22,000 Porsche wheels, a very woody table tennis set and an energy bar with Michelin-starred credentials.

Porsche Carbon Fibre Wheels

Carbon fibre wheels are nothing new in the realm of ultra exotic shoes for your prized ride. When Porsche get on the case though, things tend to get a bit advanced. For their latest conception, Porsche created their own version of the ultra light and ultra strong wheel using a very complex carbon braiding loom (the same machine used to construct the advanced Lexus LFA chassis). Over 200 individual carbon pieces are created using the loom before being set in resin and pressed into shape. The result is a 20-inch masterpiece (sorry) made specifically for the Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series.


BUY $22,000

Mackenrow Ping Pong Table

Add a bit of class and elegance to your entertainment room or office with the Mackenrow Ping Pong Table. Built from wood, metal and Danish weave net by Jory Brigham Furniture, the set is designed to look good even when it’s not in action. Even the walnut legs receive a proper treatment with brass inlays to complement the orange accents on the sides. The only thing you’ll need to add are equally sexy paddles.


Ducati Style Book

The legendary name in Italian motorcycles now has an equally beautiful book to tell its story. Stile Ducati consists of over 150 photos detailing the company’s design and evolution over 90 years. As you’d expect, it’s a walk down memory lane with some of Ducati’s most beautiful creations that have defined the brand as well as close-ups, short descriptions historical facts. It’s set in a hardcover binding to ensure it looks as good on your coffee table as it does the contents.

BUY $58

Dean & DeLuca Michelin Starred Energy Bar

Energy bars rarely get a second thought as anything more than an extra kick to get you through a workout. New York City’s fanciest downtown food market, Dean & DeLuca have taken that notion to the next level by enlisting Michelin-starred chef Alan Murchison to create their special line of four performance sports bars.

As one would expect from a chef of this calibre, the bars contain some of the most exotic ingredients available today including turmeric, ginger, manuka honey and matcha. The fancy bars are the official sports bar of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships and they will be available to the public in September.



Nebula Mars Portable Cinema

Take your Netflix and chill sessions anywhere your heart desires – including your neighbour’s backyard. With the new Nebula Mars Portable Cinema, movies can be projected in HD quality onto any welcoming surface even during the day.

The real beauty lies in the device’s lack of cabling and its reliance on wireless connectivity to stream from any device including game consoles, smartphones, laptops and USB devices. Rich audio is supplied by JBL whilst battery power can ensure seamless viewing of a full-lengthed movie. Glamping just made a new best friend.

BUY $600

Aarke Sparkling Water Maker

There’s nothing fancy here except for the striking design of the Aarke Sparkling Water Maker. The machine can turn normal water into that fresh and crisp sparkling water that you normally find in high-end eateries. Simply add water, pull the lever and watch your bubbly come to life. Or just leave it sitting on your bench for a sweet look to your kitchen. It comes in both stainless steel and matte black to suit your taste. 

BUY $199


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