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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #143

For those who (gladly) don’t know the difference between need and want.

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1 of 6|Monday Motorbikes M1
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6 of 6|Crosley Rocket Jukebox

Every week we scour the world for the coolest possessions money can buy so that you can a] buy said objects or b] take out a lifetime loan to buy said objects. This is Shut Up & Take My Money, the home of blatant consumerism done right.

Monday Motorbikes M1

We love a good minimalist bicycle here and the M1 electric crossover from Monday Motorbikes is the latest to make our little hearts skip a beat. The design is inspired from the classic mopeds and cafe racers of yesteryear whilst simultaneously employing modern technology to ensure maintenance, form and function are all up to scratch.

On a single charge the M1 can afford a 65km range whilst a digital dash relays information to the rider such as power consumption, keyless entry with password, USB charging, Bluetooth and GPS. There’s even an old school independent pedal system for those who want to save trees.


BUY $4,500

Herrera Bladeless Drone

It may be just a concept for now but in theory Mexican designer Edgar Herrera’s idea for a bladeless drone could well take off – literally. The design took home a Red Dot Design Concept Award for the use of fan technology as pioneered by Dyson. The main propeller sits in the middle of the craft where it develops airflow to be ducted around the body to create lift.

This method will tackle some of today’s biggest issues of drone – exposed blades, noise and wind. In the bladeless design, the propeller vents rotate in various angles to control lift, thrust and landing. Given that the fan technology is already in production, there’s little reason why the Herrera Bladeless Drone won’t make it into production after some refinement. And beyond that, this could be the future of urban transport. 

Cubiio Portable Laser Engraver

Gone are the days where laser engravers had to be mounted to a work bench and took up the space of a microwave. Today it’s all about the portable laser engraver which can fit in the palm of your hand. 

The Muherz Cubiio Portable Laser Engraver is one of these cutting edge devices which can add that personal touch to your most valued possessions. The Cubiio can engrave almost everything from cardboard to wood and plastic, with the exception of metal. What’s even more appealing is the price tag. 

BUY $379

Slughaus Wolverine

A self-healing backpack? Now we’ve seen it all. Slughaus is claiming to have created the world’s first self-repairing utility bag in the Wolverine. We’re still slightly sceptical but according to the video and bag specs, the Wolverine is made of Regenerative FuseFabric (nylon ripstop coated in polyurethane) which can repair small punctures with nothing but some friction and heat from rubbing. Crazy? Exactly our thoughts.

Watch the video at the bottom of their Kickstarter page to make up your mind. The Wolverine can be used as a top-loading duffle or roll top bag and weighs just 80g when emptied.


BUY $59

Volkswagen Electric Combi

The iconic Volkswagen Combi has returned. In electric form at least. VW will be resurrecting the 1960s Microbus for 2022 and it will come with a few green upgrades whilst maintaining the practicality and charm of the original vehicle.

Currently deemed the I.D Buzz, the transporter will accommodate even more passengers than its predecessor whilst autonomous driving and all-wheel-drive will also be an option. Given that’s all the details released thus far, 2022 can’t come fast enough.


Crosley Rocket Jukebox

Relive the golden era of music with the only vinyl-playing jukebox in the world being produced. The classic 1950s and 60s design remains alongside the ability to hold up to 70 seven-inch records. Bringing things into the future slightly is a remote control which can control music selection, volume and shuffling.

The unit also boasts a D4 amplifier with a built-in speaker system for smooth and crispy sounds. It can even be turned into a giant Bluetooth speaker if that’s your wish, thanks to the on-board auxiliary output and Bluetooth connectivity.      

BUY $13,000


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