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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #141

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1 of 6|DeLorean DR-7 Flying Car
2 of 6|Memobottle H2.0
3 of 6|Lekker Elite NuVinci
4 of 6|Bang & Olufsen Beolab 50
5 of 6|Kuickwheel Electric Skateboards
6 of 6|Wally Tango Sailing Yacht

Flying cars, luxury water bottles and electric skateboards. It’s that time again where we bring you the world’s coolest objects of affection so that your kids can skip college for good. But hey, at least you’ll have a flying car.

DeLorean DR-7 Flying Car

You know the DeLorean name from Back to the Future fame as Doc’s time travelling car. Well now DeLorean wants to give the world a hint of the real future with their very own flying car concept dubbed DR-7. The consumer aircraft can fly up to two people whilst eliminating the need to fight traffic on the pavement below. And just to prove that this is no pipe dream, the carmaker already has a full-sized concept model mocked up whilst prototype production will begin by the end of 2018. The engineers behind the project haven’t released many details except for the fact that they want the DR-7 to fly higher than any other flying car before it. Great Scott.



Memobottle H2.0

The world’s most stylish water bottle has returned in its second iteration and it’s as attractive as ever. Why the hell would you want an attractive water bottle? Memobottle was created to reduce the number of bottles that end up in landfill so the theory is that if it looks damn cool, a user will keep it and re-use it. To achieve this status the conventional water bottle shape was thrown out in favour of a square and slimline BPA-free Triton plastic which is thick enough to hold both cold and warm liquids. There’s also different sizes which are coded like paper sizes (A7, A6, A5) whilst the new bottle caps are metallic. Users can pair the bottles up with new leather accessories like sleeves, desk stands and wrist straps. Also, $1 from every online order is donated to to provide access to safe water for one person for 10 months.


Lekker Elite NuVinci

Dutch in design, Australian in taste. The Elite NuVinci is the latest from Lekker Bikes penned under the watchful eye of industrial designer and founder Meindert Wolfraad. The latest bike has been further refined to the Australian way of life and features a sleek minimalism design paired with impeccable craftsmanship without compromising on comfort. You can rest assured that it will be highly transportable with a lightweight  aluminium TIG welded frame – that also means rust-free frames for those who live by the sea.


Bang & Olufsen Beolab 50

The maestros of premium audio and striking design are back with their latest BeoLab 50 speakers. With an intricate exterior shell crafted from polished aluminium, oak wood and black fabric mesh, it’s a statement piece as much as it is a functional device for delivering the sweet sounds of music. Under the skin of the Beolab 50 is 2,100 watts of power delivered to three mid-range drivers. Something that needs to be seen though is the Acoustic Lens which rises from the units in order to fill any room with precision noise. All this doesn’t come cheap though. 

BUY US$20,000/Speaker

Kuickwheel Electric Skateboards

Hailing from San Francisco, Kuickwheel is aiming to change the way of electric skateboards with their latest Serpent Series which come in both mini and longboard sizes. The Serpant-C is the smallest electric board on the market today which can reach speeds of 18km/h and fit in a standard backpack. The larger Serpant-W longboard can hit 40km/h and has a hill climb rating of 15-20 degrees. Both models come with fast chargers and IP54 waterproofing to ensure you don’t get caught out in the rain.  



Wally Tango Sailing Yacht

Pininfarina design meets the seas with the sleek and sexy Wally Tango Sailing Yacht. Built in partnership with Italian boat maker Persico Marine and Irish-based naval architect Mark Mills, the Wally Tango employs a full carbon fibre/Nomex hull to keep things light and rigid so that it can move with haste across the oceans even at 30 metres in length. The engine room and service areas have been moved to the middle in order to aid the craft’s centre of gravity. The Monaco Yacht Show is where the boat will mark its official debut so get those dollar coins ready.



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