Australia's Best Wagyu Beef Can Now Be Yours For An Insane Price

A piece of meat worth mortgaging the home for.

Forget about that T-bone slab you’ve got waiting at home. Victor Churchill, Australia’s leading butcher in fine meats, have announced the exclusive return of the best Wagyu Beef ever produced in the country – and its price will blow you away.

If you have to ask…

The famous Sydney butchery headed by Anthony Puharich teamed up with Australian Wagyu farmer David Blackmore for a piece of culinary art that’s fittingly named Blackmore Aizakura K1015. So what makes this piece of meat so damn special?

Conventional Wagyu is often rated via its marble scoring (fat which runs through the flesh to provide a distinct flavour and texture) but David Blackmore went one further on the Aizakura K1015 with a focus on providing the ultimate balance between marbling, meat colour and fat colour. In eating terms, it’s a piece of steak that straddles the upper echelons of flavour around sweetness and richness like nothing you’ve ever tasted.

To achieve this level of ‘I have party in my mouth’ and ‘I’m broke’, Blackmore used closely guarded natural ingredients as feed for his Wagyu. The cattle itself also needed to be special and as such, it has a direct lineage to Japan’s Tajima herd which dates back to 1910 and more specifically, to a single bull named Nakadoi.

Given the nature of a rare animal of such pedigree, Victor Churchill will only be offering one carcass of the legendary Aizakura Wagyu Beef for an eye-watering AU$500/KG.

If you can afford it, you can bet your child’s college fund that it’ll be worth every bite. The Aizakura Wagyu Beef is now available at Victor Churchill until sold out.

What’s the best steak you’ve ever had? Let us know in the comments.

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