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Oktoberfest Bound? You Need These Beer And Vomit-Proof Adidas Shoes

Adidas takes prepared packing to a whole new level.

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Oktoberfest: a beer lover’s dream, a sartorial man’s nightmare. Even the smartest dresser may be stymied by the problem of finding stylish footwear to match his lederhosen – and once he chooses, he does so knowing that his selection is unlikely to be unscathed by spilt brews, muddy walkways, and perhaps even unsavory bodily fluids.

Adidas to the rescue. Ever the innovators, the Bavaria-based brand has created “the perfect sneakers for Oktoberfest,” a pair of limited edition kicks designed to repel beer and vomit, along with almost any other liquid you can throw, drop, or pour on it.

The Adidas München sneakers feature a rich brown leather upper complemented by three light brown stripes. In nods to Oktoberfest’s heritage, the heel of the shoe is decorated with embroidery and the inner lining takes inspiration from the traditional red and white checked shirt. Everything has been given a DPBR coating – which literally stands for ‘durable puke and beer repellent’ – to ensure it rebuffs any fluids that find their way to your feet.

Last but not least, the German toast “Prost” appears in golden lettering alongside the iconic Adidas stripes.

If you’re headed for Oktoberfest and its inevitable sticky situations, the Adidas München sneakers will set you back €200 (about AU$298 or US$240). Each set also comes with its own beer mug for celebrating and/or testing out your purchase before you pack. Pick up your pair here and don’t forget to prepare with our guide to Oktoberfest.


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