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Experts Say Women Are Trading Up Bad Boys For These Type Of Men

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

Men, it’s time to erase that rub-on sleeve tat and sell the bike. New research is suggesting that the bad boy days could be over with women now opting for more caring and trusting men over the cold, dangerous and unpredictable type.

Sorry bro, you got that sleeve tattoo for nothing

This new revelation comes from a survey on Australian women and men alongside strong commentary from leading psychologist, Associate Professor Gery Karantzas of the Deakin School of Psychology, and sexologist, Dr Nikki Goldstein.

So why exactly are women stepping away from that once-fabled bad boy image that was so sought after?

According to Karantzas, it simply doesn’t matter where in the world or cultural upbringing a person comes from – the defining characteristic that humans tend to look for in a potential partner is warmth and trustworthiness.

“This idea that women are after a broody guy is garbage – no one wants to be treated badly in a relationship.”

“Physical attractiveness kind of matters but we don’t put anywhere near the emphasis that people think we do. Warmth and trustworthiness kills off everything else,” he explained.


“This idea that women are after a broody guy is garbage – no one wants to be treated badly in a relationship. Bottom line is for us to survive and feel valued as individuals we need people to care for us and we have a desire for human connection and affection.”


“And if you give people a trade-off where they can choose between a very good looking but cold person and someone who is less good-looking but very warm and loving, people always pick the friendly person.”

Whilst the claims do sound logical there’s also a bit of loose data to support Professor Karantzas’s strong viewpoint. Dating site eHarmony conducted their own survey amongst 1,000 Australians who were asked what celebrity they’d most like to spend the night with.

Women responded by putting men such as Chris Hemsworth and Channing Tatum at the top of their list. Good looking men no doubt, but more significantly these were both bonafide family men who often flaunted their dedication to their partner and children in the public eye.

Sexologist Dr. Nikki Goldstein believes the sex appeal of Hemsworth and Tatum originates from these factors.

“Aussie women are over the bad boy,” said Dr. Goldstein. “We like a cheeky guy but we also like someone who’s got a down-to-earth caring side and with Channing, he’s always talking about his wife.”


“He seems like a good partner, a good father and a good person. And he rocked the dad-bod for a while, so that makes him seem like a normal guy. We want someone we can have fun with, but who will there to tuck the kids into bed after bath time.”

On the flip side the survey found that it was also the same story for men. Women such as Margot Robbie, Delta Goodrem and Jennifer Lawrence, who are often known for their bubbly down-to-earth attitudes took priority over the bad girl image.

Neuropsychotherapist Dr. Trisha Stratford says that men tend to preference big smiles and kind eyes in a partner. Women meanwhile prefer a masculine face, a strong jaw and a definite brow.

“What that jaw and face shape relates to is a primal instinct that tells women, ‘this man is going to protect and support me.’” she said. Be weary though, if a man has a wide face, he’s more likely to cheat.

So the little conclusion from the pros on boosting your sex appeal?


Wear a dad bod (just once), be kind, funny, nurturing and trustworthy. Jesus. Sounds like a one-way ticket to friendzone.

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  • Wild Bill

    This article is ridiculous

  • Ross Duncan

    This article is contradictory. If the defining characteristic people look for is warmth and trustworthiness and people ALWAYS pick the friendly person then how is it women we’re ever attracted to the broody bad boy which, according to this piece they were, but are no longer? That being the whole premise of the article.

  • Bobserver

    Historically women look to trustworthy men as husbands to be supportative and present for bringing up the children. However, the children may not be the husband’s as he may have been cuckolded by that same bad boy whose characteristics of machismo, selfishness, and ruthlessness may be attractive to women whose male progeny may need those same characteristics in the wider world. That is timeless and the reason why the Jewish line is (and the original passing of ancient Chinese surnames was) carried through the females as you can almost guarantee the child to be the woman’s but not necessarily the husband’s. In Medieval times in Europe they locked the woman up in chastity belts and as a result blacksmiths/locksmiths were the most popular craftsmen at the time.
    Now can I get a university grant for research into some self-evident truths and be awarded the Nobel Prize? I’ve got other obvious observations, if required


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