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Unique Retreats: An Icelandic Spa With Beer Baths

Don’t worry. Be hoppy.

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Any beer lover knows a cold pint is one of the best ways to unwind. Few things spell relaxation like a hoppy aroma and a gulp of comforting carbonation. So why not turn that R&R up to eleven, by soaking in an entire tub of the stuff?

At Bjorbodin Spa in northern Iceland, that’s exactly what you can do. The newly opened leisure destination specialises in beer baths, a soaking treatment that apparently is “cleansing for the skin” and has “a very positive effect on health.”

Bjorbodin’s bath tubs are made from kambala wood and filled with a concoction of beer, water, hops, and yeast that’s been heated to 100 degrees Farenheit. Guests are invited to soak for 25 minutes – one or two at a time in the seven indoor baths, more in the two large-occupancy outdoor baths. The website notes that the bathwater is undrinkable (no shit), but that each tub is equipped with its very own draught for imbibing while you bathe.

After the 25 minutes are up, guests head to a relaxation room for another 25 minutes. Bjorbodin advises letting the young beer and live yeast settle into your skin for “some hours” before showering to maximise their positive effects. The remainder of your visit can be spent in the on-site restaurant and enjoying the outside area’s panoramic view of the Hrísey Island, Þorvalds Valley, and the surrounding mountains.

Bjorbodin Spa is part of Kaldi Brewery, the oldest working microbrewery in Iceland. Its beers are made from Icelandic water from a spring at Sólarfjall mountain for a supremely fresh flavour.

If being submerged in suds sounds like your idea of a soothing escape, book a spot at the ultimate beer lover’s sanctuary here.

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