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Cool Desktop & Office Accessories That Will Revitalize Your Workspace

A guide for corporate ladder climbers and officianados.

Face it: in our hustle-obsessed era, your workspace is your second home. You’ve got years of solid slog to look forward to, so you might as well make your desk a cosy, inspiring, and elegant place to face the daily grind.

Your office is due for an upgrade and we know just the gadgets, goods, and games to make it happen. Whether you’re based at home or in corporate HQ, these covetable and cool office accessories will keep the Monday blues at bay as you show the career ladder who’s boss.

Typodarium Calendar

Office Accessories
Keep your schedule on track with Typodarium, a tear-off calendar just like the one your grandma used to hang in the kitchen – except nothing like the one your grandma used to hang in the kitchen. Each page reveals a new font for every day. On the back, you’ll find the story of the typeface’s origin and inspiration, plus info on where obtain the font. It’s a typography lover’s dream.


Flyte Light Buckminster 2.0

Office Accessories
Working late? Elevate your evening with a levitating light. Flyte’s Buckminster 2.0, named after the visionary American inventor Buckminster Fuller, hovers thanks to the magic of magnets. Simple and stylish, the lamp features an Edison style borosilicate glass bulb, a 7 LED star-shaped filament, and a base crafted from sustainably-sourced walnut.

BUY $349

Master & Dynamic MH40 Over-Ear Headphones

Office Accessories
Master & Dynamic have devised an exceedingly handsome way to drown out distractions. The MH40 Over-Ear Headphones provide rich, warm sound and a classically elegant leather and steel look. They’re “the original modern thinking cap” -– an ideal tool to help focus, inspire, and transport your mind (and make you the envy of the office).

BUY $400

Oyobox Tech Organizer Tray

Office Accessories
A cluttered desk is an unproductive desk. Streamline your space with the OYOBox Tech Tray. More than a place to store your shit, the organiser features engineered interior partitions and six wire groove entry points to effortlessly charge all of your mobile devices. Up to 6 may be charged simultaneously, and the convenient cord grooves let your devices stand up straight so you can enjoy music or videos while working.

BUY $145

Sea & Asters Geometric Succulent Planter

Office Accessories
Bring a much-needed dose of life to your desk with these small geometric planters from Sea & Asters. The dimensions are small enough that they won’t take up too much space, while the shape and colourblocking add a nice modern vibe. Fill with your favourite air plants, small succulents, or cacti (the harder to kill, the better).

BUY $28

Dunhill Sentryman Art Deco Rollerball Pen

Office Accessories
Rediscover the lost art of penmanship with this finely crafted Dunhill rollerball pen. The brand’s storied history owes much to the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 1930s. Dunhill items from that era are highly prized at auction or in antique shops today, and even its newer pieces pay tribute to Art Deco’s timeless style. The Sentryman Art Deco Rollerball is sure to impress any prospective contract signers.

BUY $795

Heavy Eyes Memento Mori Skull (Paperweight)

Office Accessories
A paperweight doesn’t have to be the boring, generic gift you get your boss. A paperweight doesn’t even have to be a paperweight. Handcrafted in Brooklyn, the Heavy Eyes Memento Mori skull is a creepy-cool way to keep your A4s in check. Each skull is made of folded leather and secured with bolts for an industrial look.

BUY $295

L’Objet Crocodile Pen Cup

Office Accessories
This is the pen cup of a man who does not eff-around when it comes to luxury. L’Object embraces the wild and slightly absurd with a series of handcrafted desk accessories made in Limoges porcelain accented with 14-kt gold and amphibian texture. L’Object calls it a “whimsical collection that is complex in colour, rich in texture and global in design.” We call it “a total corner office move.”

BUY $100

Tom Dixon Materialism Candles

Office Accessories
Each candle in this set of four has a completely unique character, expressed in both scent and container. The cast aluminium of Alloy, iridescent sheen of Oil, polished marble of Stone, and pulled and pressed forms of Quartz are accompanied by a blast of essential oils, combined in evocative fragrances exclusive to Tom Dixon.

BUY $230

Ember Temperature Control Mug

Office Accessories
Enjoy your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last with Ember, the world’s smartest mug. This connected drinking device can be used on its own or through an app, the latter of which allows you to remotely adjust the temperature, name your mug, create presets, and select notification preferences. Burnt tongues and tepid sips are both a thing of the past.

BUY $149.95

Grovemade Monitor & Laptop Stands

Office Accessories
Grovemade’s gorgeous monitor and laptop stands are the only time it’s appropriate to get wood at your desk. The Oregon-based outfit makes all manner of office accessories in maple, walnut, leather, and wool felt. The stands are crafted from wood veneer bent into graceful, forward-leaning shapes that are as ergonomically sound as they are pleasing to the eye.

BUY $79+

Menu Knowledge in the Brain Bookends

Office Accessories
Denmark-based Menu partners with designers to develop and produce a broad assortment of Scandinavian living accessories for the home, office, and garden. The striking black and gold Knowledge In The Brain Bookends come from designer Karim Rashid, who used his own head as the model for the rubber-coated stone resin creation.

BUY $199.95

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 Bluetooth Speaker

Office Accessories
Need a pick-me-up your headphones can’t supply? Swap your MH40s for Bang & Olufsen‘s BeoPlay S3 Bluetooth Speaker, a beautifully balanced shape that looks smart on your desk and packs serious sound power. Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to play from any of your devices, and allows multiple BeoPlay speakers to be paired for an even more immersive musical experience.

BUY $299

Aerin Chocolate Shagreen Tic Tac Toe

Office Accessories
All work and no play makes you a dull boy. Take the occasional brain break with this adult-approved, sophisticated take on tic tac toe. The set from Aerin has been given a luxurious upgrade with a wood inlay base made from walnut and beechwood, and embossed shagreen pieces edged in brass. The box, also in shagreen with brass detailing, makes it a tasteful addition to a bookshelf or tabletop.

BUY $695

Danese Milano Ameland Letter Opener

Office Accessories
How many letter openers can say they’re in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art? At least one: the Ameland Letter Opener. Designed by Enzo Mari for Danese Milano, this paper knife takes the shape of a twisted ribbon of steel, yet is comfortable in the hand and functional in the workplace. Its elegant simplicity has made it a classic of modern design.

BUY $50

Godinger Airplane Coasters

Office Accessories
Encourage your career to take flight (and have somewhere safe to put your whiskey if it doesn’t) with these aeronautically inspired coasters. The nickel-plated, felt-backed set of four comes courtesy of Godinger, and looks ripped straight from an instrument panel. The set includes an altimeter, an altitude indicator, a directional gyro, and a turn and slip indicator

BUY $39.99

Gingko Click Cube Clock

Office Accessories
Show time who’s boss with Gingko’s Click Cube Clock. Click your fingers or gently tap your desk and the time will appear, meaning you no longer have to be distracted by a looming deadline or counting down the minutes until lunch. Made from sturdy ABS plastic with a fine wooden veneer, the display lingers for just the right amount of time. The clock also shows the date, time, and ambient temperature.

BUY £29.99

Lyon & Lyon The Six Mile Pencil

Office Accessories
The creative minds at Lyon & Lyon gamified pencils to encourage people to create more. With every sketch, memo, or offensive doodle of your boss, The Six Mile Pencil shows how far you’ve drawn so you can celebrate at every milestone. Think of it as a creativity pedometer – the more you write, draft, design, and scribble, the better you get.


Peg and Awl Marlowe Lunch Bag

Office Accessories

The packed lunch is no longer the sole province of schoolboys. In the capable hands of Peg and Awl, the classic reusable “brown bag” gets a makeover in rugged waxed canvas with a pocket for surprises and small treasures. You might have to make your own sandwiches these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tote them in nostalgic style.

BUY $44

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Office Accessories
Meet the notebook of the future. Rocketbook’s Wave Smart Notebook is intelligent, reusable, and… microwavable. The Wave upgrades the traditional pen and paper experience by instantly blasting your notes into the cloud using your smartphone. And when you write with the Pilot FriXion pen, you can erase your notes using your microwave oven and use your notebook again. How’s that for an office party trick?

BUY $27

Terrapin Stationery

Office Accessories
Terrapin is proof positive that stationery doesn’t have to be stuffy. The NYC-based company has been a family business for decades, but these are not your father’s envelopes and notepads. Terrapin evokes old-school charm and wit with a level of craftsmanship and imagination that emojisx could never hope to achieve. Where else will you find calling cards proudly splashed with ‘Fuck Off’ and ‘Cool Story Bro’?





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