Donald Glover Tuxedo

Donald Glover's Tuxedo Was The Real Winner Of The Emmys

Not bad for a guy who launched his career off the back of YouTube skits.

He may have been the recipient of two shiny Emmys for his outstanding work on Atlanta, but Donald Glover is proving that greatness can also be attained beyond the cutting room floor.

We’re talking impeccable style and Glover proved that he was the leading man for the job when he rocked up to the event in a full purple Gucci tuxedo complete with contrasting yellow pocket square, classic white shirt and polished shoes.

Daring? Perhaps. We’re simply calling it the hottest look from the entire event, aided by its ability to stand out amongst a sea of classic monochrome and elegant restraint. And let’s make this clear when we say that this is no muted aubergine or eggplant hue. It’s a full blown Prince Purple which reaffirms that this is the hottest suit colour of 2017 – if you’re as game as Mr. Glover.

Now who said purple was a depressing colour. Would you rock the purple suit or tuxedo?

Check the gallery and let us know below.

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