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Bid On Indy’s Whip, Marty’s Shoes & More In This Insane Hollywood Auction

We want everything, Santa.

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1 of 19|Snowtrooper Helmet, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
2 of 19|Venkman's Jumpsuit, Ghostbusters
3 of 19|Jules Winnfield's Wallet, Pulp Fiction
4 of 19|Peter "Star-Lord" Quill's Hero Helmet, Guardians Of The Galaxy
5 of 19|Marty McFly's 2015 Nike Shoes, Back To The Future Part II
6 of 19|Superman's (Christopher Reeve) Flying Tunic, Superman IV: The Quest For Peace
7 of 19|James Bond's Gadget Phone, Tomorrow Never Dies
8 of 19|Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
9 of 19|Buddy's (Will Ferrell) Costume, Elf
10 of 19|Conan's Atlantean Sword Production Master, Conan The Barbarian
11 of 19|Contact Lenses, Bram Stoker's Dracula
12 of 19|Who Framed Roger Rabbit
13 of 19|The Joker's Costume, Batman
14 of 19|Indiana Jones' Bullwhip, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
15 of 19|Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell's (Tom Cruise) Flight Suit, Top Gun
16 of 19|ILM Y-wing Model Miniature, Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi
17 of 19|Engineering Tunic, Star Trek
18 of 19|Sark's Grid Costume, Tron
19 of 19|Thor's (Chris Hemsworth) Mjolnir Hammer, Thor

Christmas has come early for cinemaphiles, particularly those with a soft spot for sci-fi and superheroes. A massive Hollywood memorabilia auction is giving fans a chance to wield Conan’s sword, handle an Alien egg, or dress like Star Trek‘s engine room crew.

The auction comes courtesy of the experts at Prop Store, a leading purveyor of props, costumes, collectibles, and behind-the-scenes mementos. A whopping 600 items from 200 films and television shows are included in this collection, ranging from the somewhat obscure to the downright iconic.

In an email to Wired, Brandon Alinger, one of the collectibles experts at Prop Store, said “This is what we call our ‘multi-consignor’ sale. The pieces have been sourced from a variety of different places, including private collectors, studios and production companies, industry personnel, and rental houses.”


Each one has been researched and verified by the Prop Store team, guaranteeing that every piece is absolutely authentic.

Assuming you have thousands of dollars collecting dust in your bank account, here are some of the Hollywood memorabilia items that could soon be yours: Marty McFly’s iconic Nike shoes, a Jurassic Park dinosaur handler’s costume, an Immortal Warrior mask from 300, Mission: Impossible‘s pack of exploding gum, Garth’s tighty-whities from Wayne’s World, Indiana Jones’ bullwhip, a Titanic life vest, and James Bond’s gadget phone from Tomorrow Never Dies.

The live auction is set for September 26 in London. Many of the props are currently on display at London’s Odeon BFI IMAX, for those who want to see the merch in person before bidding. Bids will also be accepted over the phone or online.

Check out a few highlights from the ludicrous treasure trove above, and the full collection here.

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