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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #144

For those who don’t know the difference between need and want.

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1 of 6|Lego Life-Size Ferrari SF70H
2 of 6|Bill Murray/Venkman's Jumpsuit From Ghostbusters
3 of 6|The GlenDronach Kingsman Edition 1991 Vintage Whisky
4 of 6|Diamond Atelier Urban 21
5 of 6|Crosshelmet X1
6 of 6|Sandisk 400GB SD Card

The wise thing to do would be to invest in a nuclear bunker right about now. Thankfully we’re not that wise and there’s still lots of cool stuff to buy. Welcome to Shut Up & Take My Money, the home of frivolous spending of the male persuasion.

Lego Ferrari F1 SF70H Race Car

Your dream of driving an F1 car for a living maybe over but you can get the next best thing – Lego’s life-sized replica of Ferrari’s 2017 F1 race car. We’re talking a 1:1 scale here people, complete with wheels and tyres made from the iconic brick. In the documented video you can see the Lego builders and designers going through the motions in order to get this stunning model off the ground. In total the completed car is comprised of almost 350,000 pieces and took over 750 hours to complete – which doesn’t include the 840 hours taken to design and develop. If you ask nicely and front up with the right bribery, we’re sure you can buy one for your spoilt kid.



Bill Murray/Venkman’s Jumpsuit From Ghostbusters

The old crew might have gone their separate ways but you can still own a piece of Ghostbusters history with Bill Murray’s jumpsuit as worn by his character, Dr. Peter Venkman, in the original film. The auction comes via the Prop Store who have a collection of some of film’s most iconic items going on sale including Indiana Jones’ actual whip, Chris Pratt’s Star Lord helmet and  James Bond’s BMW R/C phone from Tomorrow Never Dies.

BUY $3,886

The GlenDronach Kingsman Edition 1991 Vintage Whisky

Get your secret agent drinking shoes on. Scotch whisky maker The GlenDronach have teamed up with the upcoming Kingsman: The Golden Circle to launch an exclusive single malt whisky limited to just 2,000 bottles worldwide. The GlenDronach Kingsman Edition 1991 Vintage single malt Scotch whisky has been aged for 25 years in some of the finest sherry casks to ever be used by the distillery.

The result is a deep walnut brown drink with notes of black grapes on a woody vine combined with antique leather and maple leaf tobacco. Accompanying this is a hand-numbered bottle housed in a bespoke case which wears the gold K charm alongside the signatures of whisky makers Rachel Barrie and Vaughan. Only 100 bottles will be made available in Australia from September.

BUY $1,000

Diamond Atelier Urban 21

Diamond Atelier helped BMW put together their RnineT so it’s little surprise that the custom motorcycle builder from Germany can do one better with free reigns in their latest Urban 21. Besides being easy on the eyes, the bike also features upgrades from popular names like Motogadget, Kellermann, Metzeler and Gilles. The Diamond Atelier touch includes a custom CNC valve cover which can come in the rider’s choice of hues as well as wheel, tyre, exhaust, seat and suspension options. Each Urban 21 will take two months to complete and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. 

BUY $33,000


CrossHelmet X1

You have the bike and now it’s time for a cutting edge helmet. The CrossHelmet X1 features a head-up display on the visor which can relay information like conversations with other riders, your rear view thanks to a rear view camera and sound dampening. There’s even a voice command function with the accompanying smartphone app. What we dig most though is the design which can make any rider look like a character out of G.I Joe. CrossHelmet officially launches on September 13 via Kickstarter. 


Sandisk 400GB SD Card

There’s a decent sized stick and then there’s Sandisk’s latest behemoth in microchip technology. We’re talking about a 400GB Micro SD card which can hold an insane amount of photos and videos (40 hours of full HD video) whilst fitting on your fingertip. This new card marks Sandisk taking out the record yet again for the world’s largest SD card whilst attaining a transfer speed of 100MB/second. It’s also a Application Performance Class 1 device which means you can use it to drastically expand your smartphone or tablet’s memory.

BUY $250


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