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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #145

For those who don’t know the difference between need and want.

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Money is made to be spent. At least that’s what we like to tell people whenever Shut Up & Take My Money comes around with the coolest objects of affection you need in your life.

Lift eFoil

Summer is just around the corner (in the Southern Hemisphere at least) and that means flashy new toys for some fun in the sun. The Lift eFoil is one of the latest electric hydrofoils which allows riders to glide over calm waters at up to 40km/h without the assistance of big waves or currents. The board is controlled via a handheld waterproof Bluetooth controller that can send riders on a cruise for up to 55 minutes or at full speed for up to 25 minutes. Charging time is only 2.5 hours and the eFoil comes in two models – the standard E1 with a larger deck that’s more stable or the E2 which is a smaller board but allows for quicker turns.


BUY $12,000

Superfly GT 42

Sticking to the water leisure theme is an entirely different beast in the form of the Superfly GT42 superboat. Ignore the superfluous ‘supers’ and you’re met with a stunning watercraft which evokes futuristic design in a 1880 horsepower boat that doesn’t forget about creature comforts. Designed by Red Yacht Designs in association with Scandinavian outfit Flying Flipper, the Superfly GT 42 features a glass cocoon canopy which comes with a glass roof which can open up to the elements for a bit of that sea breeze. The hull itself is made entirely from carbon fibre for strength and lightness whilst also housing a luxurious interior complete with a spacious living area, a rear owners cabin including a double king sized bed, a forward cabin with separate beds, and a massive bathroom.


Exodyne Electric Motorcycle

Not a rider? Not a problem; the Exodyne Electric Motorcycle will look right at home as your lounge room centrepiece as it will on the roads. The skeletonised bike comes as the brainchild of a an Atlanta-based veterinary orthopedic surgeon who also happens to have an engineering degree alongside a lot of boredom. After months of R&D he created the Exodyne, a minimalist electric bike which can hit 96km/h and a range of 32km. The bad news? There’s no plans to put in into production.


Bose Soundlink Micro Speaker

Premium speaker maker Bose have revealed their latest Bluetooth speaker which is smaller yet still packs a serious punch you’d expect from the name. Measuring in at just 9.5cm by 4cm, the Bose Soundlink Micro Speaker features a custom-designed transducer, dual-passive radiators, and battery package that were specifically designed for the model to achieve peak performance. The result is a highly portable speaker which affords up to 6 hours of crisp sounds whilst also being shock, sand and waterproof. It can also pair up with a second unit to provide a stereo experience. It will come in three colours including black, midnight blue, and orange.

BUY $170


Comme Des Garcons x Andy Warhol ‘You’re In’ Fragrance

The eclectic Japanese fashion label returns for another fragrance after their most recent Concrete scent. This time it sees a collaboration between pop art icon Andy Warhol in an art-inspired fragrance which caused quite the controversy back in the day. In 1967 Warhol created a piece of work which took 100 Coca-Cola bottles which were spray painted silver and filled with a yellow liquid which he claimed was toilet water. It also came with special lids. The soft drink maker was understandably unimpressed and issued a cease-and-desist letter. Thankfully this latest fragrance doesn’t come with toilet water. The unisex scent instead relies on a blend of orange, lime, jasmine, cashmere, and wood bottled inside six unique and collectible bottles which feature Warhol’s famous quotes.

BUY $95

Canadian Club 8 Year Old

Just when you thought Canadian whisky couldn’t get any smoother, Canadian Club hits you with their latest 8 Year Old, a drink which consists of a higher rye and barley content and is matured in char-treated American white oak barrels for a richer and smooth flavour. More importantly, Canadian Club 8 Year Old was first launched in Australia before any other country, a move which signifies the growing popularity whisky in the land down under. Those who score a bottle can expect distinct notes of English toffee and soft oak topped off with a warm and lingering dry finish of caramel and vanilla. This makes it perfect for enjoying neat or as a highball with your preferred mixer without breaking the bank.

BUY $49.90


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