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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #146

For those who don’t know the difference between need and want. And don’t want to know.

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Take a back seat and get ready to burn some serious cash. Shut Up & Take My Money is back to send you broke in style.

2017 Yamazaki Mizunara Cask Edition

Brace yourselves, whisky lovers. Another highly prized bottle of Japanese liquid gold has arrived. Say hello to the 2017 Yamazaki Mizunara Cask Edition, an exemplary drink which is made from casks constructed from a rare tree that is both hard and permeable – perfect properties for ageing whisky. The exacting craftsmanship doesn’t end there though. Yamazaki only commissioned the trees that have grown perfectly straight with an outer a diameter of at least 27.5 inches.

Once the cask has been sorted the whisky is then aged for 18 years to draw out notes of sandalwood and aloe wood flavours to make the Mizunara a true one-of-a-kind whisky. If you find a bottle you better hold onto it as it will surely be a collectors item. Mizunara will come in a wooden box crafted from recycled Suntory casks and there will only be 5,000 bottles released worldwide.  


BUY $1,400

Hinckley Dasher Electric Yacht

Say hello to the world’s first full electric yacht brought to life under the Hinckley Company, a boatmaker which has been around for 90 years. Their vision of the future is the Dasher, a 8.7-metre craft designed to ferry you and your passengers across the calm waters in style. The boat is powered by batteries sourced from the BMW i3 electric car which hook up to twin 80hp electric motors. Whilst it’s significantly quieter than its fuel burning cousins, Dasher can still manage to move with haste thanks to a top speed of 45km/h and a range of 65km. A full charge of the boat will take a little under four hours.

BUY $500,000

McLaren Body Armour

Beyond the realm of motorsports and hypercars, McLaren is essentially an innovation centre. That’s why they named their HQ MTC (McLaren Technology Centre) and that’s why they’re able to build random cool stuff like ‘Project Invincible’.

Built under the McLaren Applied Technologies umbrella, ‘Project Invincible’ is a cutting edge body armour made for modern healthcare needs. The project was commissioned by a client who required substantial protection in the torso region after surgery, but wanted the freedom of mobility to come with it.  

The shield composition features high-failure strain Dyneema fibres (as used in body armour) for damage containment, and a heavily reinforced resin system with woven fabrics for impact resistance.

Racing technology is carried over in the form of Zylon fibres, a material used by all F1 teams on their cars for protection against side penetration. Stiff carbon fibres also ensure flexural rigidity and load carrying capability. We’d get one just to put it on display.



Vagabund V07 BMW R100R Motorcycle

When an Austrian designer and mechanical engineer take a scalpel to an old 1993 BMW R100R, the Vagabund V07 is thew result. The revamped custom bike features smooth aluminium body work whilst the tank and seat are formed from a single piece of alloy for a truly minimalist look. Even the headlight fairing and front fenders are hand-formed aluminium to ensure the slick design is consistent throughout the bike.


Starck Beer

You know the name but do you know the beer? French design name Philippe Starck has teamed up with Brasserie d’Olt to create a very attractive IPA beer. Whilst the Starck-designed beer bottle is pretty sexy and perfect for design junkies, the contents inside has been brewed using organic spring barley and three types of hops. 


Wave Blade

The humble gym roller has received a high-tech upgrade thanks to Waveblade, an intuitive device which can target all areas of a body with superior muscle engagement. This factor is attributed to the unique design of Waveblade which uses centre blades to safely engage with your back and neck muscles. If that doesn’t help, two trigger caps can be used to engage with harder to reach tension points. Unlike the foam items, Waveblade is designed to last thanks to its robust construction which has built-in lock caps so that users can also store their valuables inside.

BUY $249


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