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Sinot Unveils The Modern Rendition Of A VIP Noah’s Ark

Have a yacht, will sail.

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Whilst it mightn’t save the world’s entire nature reserve, the Sinot ‘Nature’ concept yacht can certainly house a few species in its climate-controlled interior garden. Oh and did we mention this is a 120-metre floating luxury retreat made for the open waters?

Sinot designed this yacht as a beacon for the future of seafaring and they didn’t hold back on its footprint. With the ability to transport up a small navy fleet, ‘Nature’ is an audacious design exercise designed to demonstrate what’s possible in the world of luxury yachting.

This means there’s multiple decks to entertain yourselves and your guests on, eight grand VIP rooms alongside an opulent master bedroom. When sleeping gets a bit tired, there’s a spa deck, gym and swimming pool located at sea level on the rear deck.


Design-wise ‘Nature’ looks like nothing that currently navigates the world’s seas and that’s a good thing because you’re bound to stand out in this floating mansion graced with svelte lines.

The concept yacht will be officially unveiled that this year’s Monaco Yacht Show from September 27. In the mean time you can check out what Porsche has been up to in the luxury boating scene.


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