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I Just Had My Biggest Grooming ‘WTF’ Moment At 37 Years Of Age

To trim or not to trim?

Last Sunday whilst enjoying a succulent breakfast of ricotta pancakes with my girlfriend I had something brought to my attention about my grooming routine. Apparently, I was in the minority of men who didn’t partake in this new “male trend”.

From memory I was wearing gym gear which included a tank top. As I leant back and stretched to show off my hectic guns my girlfriend looked at me and let out a mortified “Eeeew!” and then proceeded to tell me my armpit hair was too long and I needed to do something about this…pronto.

Within the blink of an eye I told her no man ever trims his armpit hair which was followed up with a group text to a highly trustworthy sample of humans in the form of three mates.

The results were startling.



Do you trim your armpit hairs?


Friend #1:

100%. My theory is them shits get long, pits over heat and sweat more. I use one blade ya’ dig.

Friend #2: 

No, I don’t bro. Should I ?

Friend #3: 

Haha, funny question. Yep.

Men, you heard it here first.


We can successfully conclude that 2 in 3 Australian men trim their armpit hair. Can’t exactly say I’ve ever had a problem of overheating armpits like Friend #1 but no judgement here. For everyone wondering if I actually adhered to my girlfriend’s command and trimmed my armpit hairs…Yes, like a little bitch I did. Strictly for research purposes only.

The Results?

After 30 seconds of clipper trimming I had a slightly more respectable looking crop of ginger armpit hair that in all honesty was not that different in appearance to before. Shaving down to the skin seemed a little too feminine for me but if you’re into the smoothness, then respect.

A Doctor’s Opinion

We asked Dr. Zac Tuner to help by offering his medical opinion on the matter.

“Yes, there are medical benefits for men clipping armpit hair. Firstly, it can reduce smell and it can also reduce fungus which can help sufferers of psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions. However, avoid shaving as this can lead to more problems such as cutting or irritating the area.”


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