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Watch The Insane Process Of Making An NBA Championship Ring

The pinnacle of championship rings in professional sports.

Forget about your blue ribbon and plasti-dip trophy for a second. Every year the NBA presents their Championship ring to the team that takes out the NBA Finals.

These rings are designated for the winning team’s players, coaches and members of the executive front office. And now you can witness the staggering amount of work required to make one of the world’s most extravagant, priceless and coveted pieces of sporting jewellery.

As the video above explains, each ring traps inside it the memories and milestones of a winning season whilst boasting its very own individual characteristics. For the 2017 season the Championship rings will feature 83 stones on the top face which reflects the 83 wins in regular and post-season.

The ring itself will be made from yellow gold and feature a special trophy motif – that’s five trophies for five championships. There’s also 31 trapezoid diamonds to represent the road wins and 36 blue sapphires to give nod to the home wins.

The exacting detail even extends to the inner ring which features two raised trophies. When a player removes the ring, the trophies leave an indentation on the skin to remind the wearer of how many trophies they’ve won.

This year’s particular ring is also a record breaker as one that goes down in history with the most diamonds and carat weight in championship ring history.

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