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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #148

Nothing a submarine or $35,000 spider clock can’t solve.

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1 of 6|U-Boat Worx Cruise Series Submarine
2 of 6|Louis Vuitton x Marc Newson Horizon Collection Check-in Luggage
3 of 6|Lalique x Patrón Serie 2
4 of 6|Bose SoundWear
5 of 6|GoPro Hero 6
6 of 6|MB&F L'Epee Octopod Clock

The endless quest for money-defying toys continues with Shut Up & Take My Money.

U-Boat Worx Cruise Series Submarine

Forget what you know about recreational submersibles. Hot off the back of Aston Martin’s latest luxury sub effort with Triton, U-Boat have unveiled their latest submarine which can transport up to eleven passengers to a depth of 200 metres. And unlike the Aston Martin vessels, the U-Boat ones aren’t concept designs. The Cruise Series of submarines span across six models including a fiver person model which can dive to an even deeper 500 metres.

Each Worx submarine comes equipped with twin dome sphere canopies to allow passengers to see the underwater world with panoramic views. The submarines are also modular in design meaning that mechanical arms or cameras can be added at the captain’s discretion. In-built safety features including a maximum depth cut-off also means that people won’t be crushed under the pressure of water shall the captain feel the need to venture too deep. The U-Boat Worx affords 18 hours of deep diving per charge. 



Louis Vuitton x Marc Newson Horizon Collection Check-in Luggage

Whilst the carry-on collection launched earlier this year to much hype, Louis Vuitton and designer Marc Newson are coming back for seconds with the new check-in sizes of their Horizon Collection. The expanded line comprises of five new sizes to suit any stylish traveller whilst wearing the signature LV graphics and finished in premium materials. If that’s not enough to impress then users can also opt for two styles which can be customised with a personal monogram.


Lalique x Patrón Serie 2

Everybody loves an exclusive drop so it’s only fair that we introduce you to Serie 2, the second collaboration between French glassmaker Lalique and the world’s most recognised tequila known as Patrón. The latest bottled art takes inspiration directly from French company’s founder, René Lalique, by utilising shapes and lines from the art deco era as well as the blue agave plant. Meanwhile the liquid gold inside has been created from an extra añejo blend of tequilas that have been allowed to age for years in American oak, French oak, and Spanish Sherry casks. You can bet the taste will match the looks but you’ll need to move quick – only 299 bottles will be released world-wide.

BUY $7,500

Bose SoundWear

Listen to music without drowning out the world. That’s the idea behind Bose’s latest creation which makes it easier for busy people to multi-task without neglecting the more important things in life – like a boiling pot or crying baby. The Bose SoundWear sits around a user’s neck and shoulders in comfort whilst producing the brand’s signature deep and rich sound. Playtime is a generous 12 hours whilst charging the device for 15 minutes will add 3 hours to it. It can also connect with smartphones via Bluetooth to receive incoming calls via a vibration alert. Even weather has been factored into the device which the SoundWear being water and sweat resistant. 

BUY $300 



Adrenalin junkies and life documenters rejoice, the next iteration of GoPro camera has arrived. Their latest flagship HERO6 camera features a nifty 4K-capable sensor which can capture Ultra HD video at up 60fps. For the action replay aficionados the HERO6 can also shoot slow motion in 240fps at 1080p quality. Across the board everything adds up to enhanced image quality, better low-light performance and image stabilisation alongside a touch zoom feature. Upload speeds have also been enhanced on the device whilst voice control now comes in 10 different languages. Rounding things out nicely is Bluetooth connectivity, built-in GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope.  

BUY $749.95

MB&F L’Epee Octopod Clock

Clocks certainly don’t get any quirkier than this. Swiss designers MB&F have crafted the ultimate timepiece with the L’Epee 1839, an octopod which also doubles as an 8-day clock which tells the hours and minutes inside a spherical glass head. The mechanism is hand wound and meticulously crafted from stainless steel, nickel and palladium plated brass. It can also be your child’s worst nightmare.

BUY $35,000


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