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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #150

Time to give those credit cards a proper workout.

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From flying bikes to bulletproof watch safes, Shut Up & Take My Money is the home of frivolous spending done right.

Yamaha Motoroid Concept

The people behind your keyboard and drum set are also those behind some of the world’s fastest motorcycles. Their latest concept will make its official debut at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show as the Motoroid, an A.I equipped two-wheeler which the company claims can give the rider the experience of “kando” – the Japanses concept of deep spiritual inspiration and satisfaction (because who needs a life partner). The Motoroid is electric powered and features futuristic racing lines reminiscent of the TRON films. Twenty different models will be presented at the auto show which kicks off on October 27. 



Dune Hybrid Boat Concept

Walking the fine line between speedboat and a luxury sailboat is the Dune Hybrid Boat Concept dreamed up by catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet.

The striking lines of the craft exudes pure elegance across its unassuming 60 metre length which is further amplified with an expansive lounge space on the front deck.

The curved stern which faithfully mimics the waves contains the engine which drives a hidden propeller whilst an additional six cabins are situated below deck that’s been finished with matching gold accents. Here’s hoping someone builds this stunning craft. 


Gran Turismo Sport

The humble racing video game which started it all for this generation’s car lovers is back in its seventh incarnation – just don’t call it that in front of its legendary creator, Kazunori Yamauchi. Gran Turismo Sport is the first standalone title to come from the iconic racing franchise’s second generation architecture.

That means that it’s been meticulously designed both in graphics and gameplay in order to make it the most realistic, competitive and engaging racing game in the world to date. Gran Turismo Sport is even VR compatible to allow players to immerse themselves inside the cockpit of a car to experience every sensation of driving from the glare of the sun to the feedback from a car’s unique handling characteristics. With Porsche joining the game for the first time ever alongside Lewis Hamilton’s personal input, Gran Turismo Sport is set to redefine racing without needing to be a race driver. The game officially drops tomorrow.


BUY $79.95

Steve McQueen Racing Suit

Legendary actor and racing driver Steve McQueen needs no introduction but his very own racing suit from 1971’s Le Mans certainly does because it’s going on sale. Michael Delaney’s costume for the late McQueen includes the priceless Hinchman racing jacket complete with Heuer pacth and Gulf racing stripes, his racing pants and an old school Bell helmet. It won’t be any good for today’s racing but it will certainly make for a good lounge room talking piece.

BUY $400,000+

Dubai Police Hover Bike

Dubai Police’s pursuit of exotic modes of transport to catch non-existent crooks continues – this time without wheels. Whilst a hover bike for every police officer on the squad may sound cool in theory, what the hell they’ll use it for is another thing, especially once they’ve caught up with the offender. 

Nonetheless the Dubai Police Hover Bike was built in conjunction with Russian company Hoversurf who designed the craft to fly at speeds of up to 70km/h with a payload rating of 300kg. Fly time is only limited to 25 minutes though so the cops need to move quick if they want to slice some bad guys or anyone else game enough to walk into its four rotors. 


Buben & Zorweg Solitaire Vision Watch Safe

Ah, the perils of owning your own luxury watch collection. When they’re not on your wrists it’s a good idea to protect them at home in a safe. But what happens when the standard safe just doesn’t cut it anymore? You go for the Buben & Zorweg Solitaire Vision Bulletproof Watch Safe.

This is next level stuff crafted from stainless steel, artisan wood, leather, and a bulletproof spyglass for any intruders who think that shooting their way in is a good idea. The Solataire Vision can house up to 46 timepieces and comes with a built-in humidor, bar module, and Hi-Fi system so owners can play music as they open the gates to their treasures. Oh, and there’s also a big Tourbillon clock.




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