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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #152

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Step into a fresh week of frivolous spending with the help of the best objects man can buy today.

Yamaha Cross Hub

Yamaha is renowned for its MotoGP conquering bikes and precision audio equipment but in recent times the Japanese company has been toying with the idea of going down the automotive route. Their latest and strongest hint yet is this shrunken down ute called the Cross Hub which debuted at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

Its appeal lies in its design where a 1+2+1 diamond-shaped seating configuration means that there’s enough space for four passengers and two motorbikes to be transported. The car itself measures in at about 4.5 metres in length making it a tad longer than the length of a Corolla hatch.


Even the interior is pretty funky with an ingenious wraparound design which allows for more space where it’s needed – out back. The tailgate can also be folded down in order to extend the cargo floor for those wishing to load something slightly lengthier than a bike.


MyMOMO Steering Wheel Customisation Service

Iconic Italian steering wheel manufacturer MOMO is finally getting with the times and following in the footsteps of customisation services like NikeID with their very own bespoke product offering called MyMOMO. 

For now the custom steering wheel range only extends to five of the company’s steering wheels but there should be more on offer later on once the ball gets rolling. Customers can choose from a host of options including the leather they want on the wheel as well as spoke design/colour, thread colours, stitching patterns and leather engraving. 



AKG’s latest attempt at a premium pair of noise-cancelling travel headphones have resulted in the slick N60NC. The Bluetooth wireless headphones are much more compact then they appear with a balanced audio signature fine-tuned by the boffins over at AKG. 

The unit allows for up to 30 hours of play time per charge whilst the active noise-cancelling built in is good enough to drown out a seaplane from the cabin (trust us, we tested this theory). Once collapsed the headphones sit snug in a soft carry pouch which also comes with a USB charging cable and audio jack.


BUY $447

Official Apple Macbook Sleeves

On the official launch date of the iPhone X, Apple have quietly unveiled their official Macbook and iPad sleeves. 

The new leather selections with microfibre lining are designed specifically for their 12-inch MacBook as well as their 10.5 and 12.9-inch iPads. The case itself is made from premium European leather and feature the Apple logo embossed into the centre. There are five colours to choose from including Saddle Brown, Midnight Blue, Taupe, Black and Red.

BUY +$129

Michael Zavros

It started as one of the most respected print publications for men but now Manuscript is on the move, releasing their first ever book as an ode to all things visually captivating. The leading title of their first hardback? Michael Zavros. 

The Bulgari Art Award-winning Australian artist has amassed countless pieces of work but is most recognised for his hyper-realistic paintings, and more recently for photography, sculpture, film and performance.

The work of Michael Zavros has been collected by major museums and private collections the world over and is today faithfully captured in this 212 page book which also includes a series of essays by art world luminaries, including GoMA’s Chris Saines. No doubt a keeper on the coffee table. 

BUY $72

Noma Dinnerware Auction

Michelin star restaurant Noma is renowned for its food as well as its unique Scandinavian interior design. With the restaurant’s owner gearing up to open Noma 2.0, the dinnerware from the original restaurant will finally be hitting the auction lot.  And let us assure you, these are no IKEA items. Everything from ceramic dinnerware to wood furnishings and bespoke glassware that helped Noma rise to the top of the world’s best will be going under the hammer so if you’re keen to own a piece of the golden era of dining, then this is for you.




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