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Emirates Team New Zealand Unveil The Radical Concept Of Their Next America’s Cup Defender

The defending champions fire the first shot with a new monohull concept.

A new era in yacht racing has arrived with defending champions Emirates Team New Zealand unveiling their concept boat for the 36th America’s Cup.

Whilst the news comes only as digital renderings, it brings with it a detailed look at the bold and modern vision for high performance fully foiling monohull racing yachts which the team will contest in the AC75 class in 2021.

Avid fans of boat racing will know that monohulls haven’t been new in the game but it’s the first time the design has made its way into the America’s Cup. Back in September, ex-New Zealand yachtsman and America’s Cup commentator Peter Lester said that, “This foiling monohull concept has been played with before this announcement, but now will go to another level, because teams will come in with a lot of funding and resource – I think it’s a massively exciting time for the America’s Cup.”

With that in mind, the Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa design teams have spent the last four months holed away penning their most formidable racer to date whilst evaluating a range of monohull solutions. The team’s goals at the moment involve designing a class which is both challenging and demanding to sail with a ficus on rewarding the top level of skill for the crews. More specifically, Emirates Team New Zealand want to shape the future of racing with their designs and influence the all of the cruising monohulls beyond the America’s Cup.

It’s no easy feat but the team is confident with their AC75 which posses proper racing pedigree paired with advanced levels of safety which can allow the boat to right itself in the event of a capsize. This ground-breaking concept is achieved through the use of twin canting T-foils that are ballasted to provide righting-moment when sailing, and roll stability at low speed.

In normal sailing mode the yacht affords optimal levels of lift to reduce drag and roll control to take on rougher sea conditions. As with most racing classes, the underlying principle of these efforts is to allow the advancements to flow down into affordable and sustainable technology for other sailing classes and yachts.

For now the research work is ongoing as different concepts are evaluated, with details being released with the AC75 Class Rule before March 31st, 2018. The AC75 class of boats will officially make their race debut at the 36th America’s Cup in 2021.

Watch the video above to see how Emirates Team New Zealand did it.


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