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The Future Of Affordable Housing Could Be Under The Sea

Which night is bin night though?

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When it comes to housing concepts most tend to take to the skies to tackle the issue of a growing human population. Not the designers of Ocean Spiral.

Shimizu Corporation which is a Japanese engineering firm have proposed a radical idea which could see humans living under the ocean’s surfaces by the year 2030.

Designated Ocean Spiral, the project aims to bring an entire human civilisation into a sustainable habitat that’s entirely supported by the ocean’s resources.

Two central bodies will form the foundation of Ocean Spiral with one being a 500 metre diameter spherical metropolis which boasts a central tower accommodating up to 5,000 people in homes and workspaces.

The second part is a spiral structure which connects the sphere to a base station 4km below on the ocean floor. This base structure takes advantage of the varying degrees of temperature and water pressure to generate power for the spherical city above whilst also providing drinkable water via a desalination plant.

Natural resources will also be extracted from the sea bed via a research centre in the base station. Food will also be a self-sustainable affair with Ocean Spiral boasting large underwater farms for cultivating fish, crustaceans and edible aquatic plants.

Sounds crazy? Perhaps, but more importantly this plays as an indication as to where the human race could be heading in the next century to ensure its survival.

Watch the video produced by Dezeen in collaboration with MINI Living Initiative to see how it all works.

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