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Clever Grooming Hacks For Guys With Small Heads

How to flatter tiny tops and horse heads.

Like a suit or pair of jeans, grooming routines aren’t one-size-fits-all. One man’s lustrous lumberjack beard is another man’s post-breakup, pube-approximating scraggle.

The good thing about the bad suit is that it comes off after a day of merciless mockery from your colleagues. The unflattering haircut or facial hair, on the other hand… sorry bro, you’re stuck with that until your next trip to the barber.

The secret to nailing your grooming routine is to highlight what’s handsome while concealing anything that isn’t. For guys with narrow noggins or IRL Woll Smoth features, that means creating the illusion of a rounder, more balanced skull with stronger angles and more masculine characteristics.

These grooming tips for small heads will beef up your brain box with no need to visit your local surgeon.

For A Tiny Forehead

grooming tips for small headsForget about a forehead – yours is a threehead at best. If you have minimal above-brow real estate, your goal is to create the illusion of a higher hairline. Eschew a heavy fringe that hangs onto the forehead in favour of a classic short cut like the Caesar. The shorter the hair, the more breathing room left for your face. Ask your stylist to sculpt a new hairline for you or dye your strands a lighter shade that stands out less against your skin tone. For the ultimate forehead enhancing efficiency, shave it all off and rock bald.

For A Narrow Face

grooming tips for small headsWhy the long face? Men with a rectangular or oblong face shape need to balance their elongated skull with hairstyles that counteract the extensive chin-to-hairline mileage. Select a cut that adds width to the sides of your head, perhaps with layers for added volume, while keeping the top at a relatively low altitude. Stay away from super short cuts or swept-up styles, as well as bushy beards, all of which will accentuate your face’s natural narrowness and length. Stubble is best if your chin feels naked, but if you must go bigger, keep the sides full and the bottom short for balance.

For A Dainty Nose

grooming tips for small headsWhat it took the ‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves ten nose jobs to achieve, genetics have given you naturally. The problem is, your small-scale snout would look better on your girlfriend (or an actual Ken doll). Ironically, the secret to creating a more masculine nose is to raid said girlfriend’s cosmetics collection. If you’re brave enough to give men’s makeup a shot (it has Tom Ford’s stamp of approval, after all), use a contouring product to shade around the sides of the nose to make it appear larger. You can also shade under the eyebrows to emphasize the brow bone, which is typically more prominent in men.

For A Weak Chin & Jaw

grooming tips for small headsBulking up isn’t just for the gym. If your chin and jaw are on the narrow side, facial hair is your new best friend. Encouraging growth down below adds volume where your face naturally lacks it, and the thicker brush will give your look a more masculine vibe overall. A talented barber can shape your bristles to further create the illusion of a strong jawline and more pronounced chin.

For Itty Bitty Ears

grooming tips for small headsAt the height of his Jesus phase, Jared Leto could hide any number of things under his flowing locks. He could have lovable little hamster ears. He could have giant Dumbo flaps. He could have a gruesome Van Gogh situation going on. No one would ever be the wiser, thanks to the magnificent mane that always kept them concealed. If you’re self-conscious about the size of your aural appendages, a longer hairstyle is the best way to keep them under wraps.

For Pencil Lips

grooming tips for small headsBehold, Hiddles and his widdle lips. Could that modest mouth be the reason he was passed over for Bond and dumped by Taylor Swift? We may never know, but we’re not taking any chances. Plump pouts are en vogue, and although most men won’t be using lipliner hacks or injectable fillers to do the deed, there are ways to achieve a volumised effect without going under the needle or into the cosmetics aisle. Keep your pucker moisturised and free from flakes, which reflect less light and make your lips look smaller. Buff them lightly with a moistened toothbrush to exfoliate and encourage fullness-boosting blood flow.

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